Friday 30 January 2009

Ucluth Lodge and Spa

There is talk of an adaptive re-use hospitality project in Ucluelet...someone has purchased a great upper harbour fish plant, and wants to keep some original components, and run it as a resort.

I will be pursuing this with everything in me, because in school, this was my thesis project, I grew up there, program requirement have been written (and will gladly be re-written), and most of all, who could be a better match?

The overlook from the spa into the pool area.

Hotel Lobby is the old "box up" area, and where forklifts would turn around and load trucks.

The spa reception area features a seating area with fireplace, large scale imagery on the walls (almost every space features this), and a natural stone floor. Off each side of this space is the entry to the spa, to the pool area and up to more treatment rooms, and a water feature.

The juice bar at the spa mixes leggy and pod like furnishings, natural materials, and features unobstructed views of the inner harbour of Ucluelet. A "Cannery Row" feeling with corrugated tin, and colourful plastics pay homage to the history of the site.

The horizontal siding used throughout gets it's reference from the numerous, utilitarian wood palettes used in the industry. A staircase overlooks the spa area, which features a tidal pool (a submerged glass box adjacent the pool), and is accessed by a second floor sky walk from the main building. The resort also includes a restaurant, a sushi bar, a lounge and a penthouse/corporate retreat.

Does anyone have any miraculous specific marketing ideas they would like to share? I have the name of the purchaser (he used to run my thesis fish plant), but know there are other investors. I just thought you ever so talented business bloggers may have some secret strategies up your sleeves :)


Unknown said...

Hi Michelle
I like your concept for this project in Ucluelet. Set up a meeting and show the investors what you have in mind!!!


I agree with Patricia - The concept is great - The design of the space feels very fluid and not overwork.

Go and meet those investors - I need to see this project complete