Saturday 29 December 2012

Thursday 6 December 2012

And the Decoration Begins...

Winter Sunset from the Lake House

A very nice winter indeed! I love living in this area. The winters are mild, and you can still take a seat in the sun. Christmas decorating pics to come, but for now, I am leisurely sorting through bins, organizing and hoping that my cut tree doesn't lose every needle before the holidays :) 

I think I am going out to the car to get that new Starbucks Christmas CD.

Are you decorating your home yet? Or cooking the big meal this year?

Sunday 18 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Dinner with Friends

The Thanksgiving Bird at the Lakehouse, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather's favourite side; fennel, peas and mint...yum!

First Course: Sweet Potato and Apple Soup with fried Sage

Craig putting his chill on before dinner

Heather and Craig brought gluten free bread for the dressing

Great photo Heather! Little pot pumpkin pies with leftover pastry and filling

Sun sets just in time for dinner...right on cue!

The best gluten free pumpkin pie ever!

Don't mornings call for fruit, granola and mint, leftover pie and Irish coffees?
PS...I etched these glasses myself :)

Mithredites always appreciates a couple of fingers of cream :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Hope you spend it in good company :)

Friday 9 November 2012

45 Days till Christmas!

Custom Christmas Card from Michelle Morelan Design, 2012

45 days till Christmas! This year I said I would be more organized for the holidays, and I feel like I am. I have spent the last few days in the studio doing custom Christmas cards, and it's been fun. I can turn up the music, work in more comfortable clothes (aka pj's) and keep up to date in the social networking world.

Two more sets of cards to go, and some invoicing, then onto organizing my own house for a photo shoot early in the holiday season; which is so much work! My list is two pages long...and growing.

Now that the boys are working, its getting more difficult to have more than a couple of days together at Christmas, so I plan on doing all I can ahead of time, and being able to sit down with everyone instead of wrapping in the garage at the last minute. Also, I am sticking to the one gift each rule this year, and filling stockings (my favourite part!) I want to really give thought to something special for each person this year, and frankly, I'm just sick of wrapping.

This year the goal is to be minimal and avoid anything made of plastic (fake garland) and decorate the home with fruit, food and real greenery. I am not buying a thing! I love salal, and we are lucky to have a great selection of evergreens on the west coast of the island to use in the planters outside the front door. Even know I have an electric fireplace, I am stacking wood at the front door...I love the feel of it. 

Have you seen the Holiday Book from Restoration Hardware? The mini lights in the warm clear bulb version is rocking my world...may have to make those my only purchase this year (see...already breaking the rules!)

So, my mind is already on yours? What do you plan on doing differently this year?

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Your Stuff - the ebb and flow

Lots of things happen over time in your new home. We moved in last year and are still in the midst of finishing the house. It should evolve over time, living with the sun, your stuff and allowing the ebb and flow of things. If they don't work, let them go - even if they work, you don't have to use them all. The gestalt of the overall space is the goal.

My belief is that the space around an item is just as important as the item itself. Give it room. Your eye moves around a space quickly when you enter a room, and you want to reighn it in, make it easy for that to happen (if that's your design intention). Fewer items calm us because, we don't have to assess the space as erratically. 

In saying that, I love an overstuffed library, and a room where more is more; you can see how design can shape the life of the user, and where the design intention is strategic.

 This is my bedroom at the new house; I swapped out the sconces from glass amber shades, and installed a chandelier above the bed on a dimmer. The bed nail head trim complements both. I received the vases from Sigrid a few months ago, and the jade flower is from Heather Ross. I am really in love with my cotton tufted bedding and Restoration Hardware's linen sheets, but have recently put the duvet back on the bed. The end table is one of those ebb and flow pieces...I don't like the cable/electrical plates showing, and think it will end up in the living room because I like viewing it from all sides, but it works for now. I am looking at a smaller solid piece by Brent Comber. I am also considering an all over wallpaper for the room, but when the view is so great, I want it to be the star.

Enjoy your home.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Monday 1 October 2012

Barcelona 2012

Roof of Casa Mila, Barcelona, 2012

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, 2012

Las Ramblas, Barcelona 2012

Tuesday 18 September 2012

I Rendered the October "Instant Room" in HB!

Interior, Melissa Rufty- Rendering, Michelle Morelan

I rendered the Instant Room in House Beautiful this month! The room was designed by Melissa Rufty of MMR Interiors in New Orleans. I love her look...colourful, whimsical, traditional and layered. She is also a joy to work with ;)

Thursday 13 September 2012

Chair Makeover #2 Danish Modern

 I was fortunate enough to receive this great mid-century modern teak armchair from my kid's grandma, Sigrid who is from Denmark. It has a metal plate with this info under the frame:

I thought it was fitting then, to have it covered it in some great linen I picked up at the Albert Cyupmarket in Amsterdam. I love the combo of warm and cool tones and the curves of the arms. New life for an old classic...thanks Sigrid ;) I hope you approve.

Saturday 8 September 2012

My Renderings in Canadian House and Home

 It's going to be an exciting month for publication for me, starting with the October issue of Canadian House and Home. Both in print and online, Jenn Air's wall oven was the inspiration for these three kitchens by three talented Canadian Designers.

 Industrial Rustic Kitchen 
by Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gerard of Blazysgerard in Montreal

 Ultramodern Glam Kitchen 
by Allison Granovsky of Palmerston Design Consultants in Toronto

Scandinavian Farmhouse Kitchen 
by Sophie Burke of Vancouver 

Renderings by Michelle Morelan, 2012

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Lake House Progress

Things are coming along at the Lake House...down to a couple of finishes and a few feels so comfortable, and I love the way it is bathed in sunlight.

Interior Design and Photo by Michelle Morelan

Wednesday 8 August 2012

"Pond Dancing"

"Pond Dancing" Michelle Morelan, 2012
Acrylic, Acrylic Medium and Ink on Studio Canvas with 2" W Maple Frame

18 x 36"


Detail of "Pond Dancing"

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Margot Austin

I love interiors by Margot Austin...she has been with both Style at Home and House and Home Magazines, and I just think she has the most amazing eye. This is her blog:

Also, I have a thing for the Thonet's just a classic.

Interior by Margot Austin, Rendering by Michelle Morelan

Monday 2 July 2012

Outdoor Party

Dreaming of a deck party with all my Blogger friends there...and a pool around that corner...Pinot Grigio and Margaritas...good music and food. Happy Summer everyone :)

Design and Rendering by Michelle Morelan

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Green Bathroom

It's not easy being green...but I like it :)
Design and Rendering by Michelle Morelan

Thursday 24 May 2012


Arne Jacobsen: The 7 Chair, 1955
 Just returned from NYC and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. It's always a rush, trying to clear your plate, taking two whole travel days and of course, the jet lag and exhaustion quotient...but, it's so worth it to visit with like minded and talented folk, see what's on the horizon for the trade and find inspiration. 

I met up with Carol Reed of CREED after her client meetings on Wed for a few drinks in the Roosevelt's a great location right across from GCStation. The next day we headed to the Flatiron District to Fishies Eddies and ABC Carpet and Home. We had a wonderful lunch at the ABC Kitchen (their place settings blew us away!)

Grand Central Station
 Visited the Strand was my first time there, and I am in love! I tried to show Carol the book by Maureen Mitton which features a few of my renderings, but they only had the 3rd edition. The architecture and Interiors section is so amazing!! Bought the kids a couple of T-shirts before we headed to Little Italy for a great courtyard dinner...two of my favorite dishes...caprese and risotto, paired with some nice red wine.

I discover a great new neighborhood every visit
Thursday we were really excited to go to the Adyln...this years site of the Kipps Bay was the best yet...a different setting, overlooking the Hudson; two duplexes actually. There's a no photo rule, and I can't figure out how to take pics with my BB without that dreaded shutter sound.

My favorite space was the "Gentleman's Study" in Unit 2101 by David Scott Interiors...done in a gem blue and rusty orange accents...just beautiful. Also, the "A Collector's Bedroom" in unit 2102 by Alexander Doherty Design was full of fine art and stunning.

We were so excited about our plans on Friday to head out on the Hudson Line to Ardsley and PVE's, where we visited her fabulously renovated new home and studio (oh the bathtub!) She made the most amazing lunch and brought us for a tour of Sunnyside- Washington Irving's little cottage on the Hudson. Patricia's hometown is so charming! I can see why she loves it so much :) Thanks P :)

Patricia's delicious lunch of grilled beets and goats cheese with pine nuts and drizzled with truffle oil was fabulous! Then greens with homemade dressing and fresh fruit for tasty as it was beautiful!! (took this photo from PVE's blog post) 
The Hudson Line from Grand Central Station is a beautiful trip
Sunnyside, Washington Irving's estate on the Hudson
 Here is just one of the buildings Mr. Irving designed for his homestead...influences taken from his travels. Our tour guide was so fabulous! Didn't know that Mr. Irving was widely known as the first American novelist. I can just imagine him and his brother, nieces and staff keeping this wonderful little cottage full of family, laughter and hard work. No sign of headless horsemen here, only a comfortable warm working farm cottage.

The wisteria and trumpet vine were planted by Mr Irving himself!
Our amazing tour guide...even Patricia learned new things! PVE, Carol Reed
We headed to the hotel room to get ready to see "Other Desert Cities" at the Booth Theater, where we watched a love match take place in the seats next to us...warmed our hearts. Two single professionals, theater lovers, exchanging numbers at the end of the evening. Would love to know how that one ends!

Spent all day Saturday at ICFF, meeting up with a workshop "student" friend of mine, Annette from PA...we were all impressed with the show, but really did more chatting about the trade than anything...will be posting more about my rendering workshops soon.

Potato crust salmon, a la carte whipped mashed and tuna tartar for a starter...omg
After Carol flew back to Toronto on Sunday, I walked to the Guggenheim and the Columbus Ave flea market at 77th...walked through Central Park during the annual AIDS walk, and did some shopping at Macy's before heading back to the hotel to meet Brian. Even know Carol and I had dinner at Rue 57 the night before, Brian and I went again on Sunday night...I just love it.

The lines of the Guggenheim excite me every time

Rained all day Monday...funny how NYC can turn into a steam bath when it rains! We thought some shopping at GCStation's shops might be nice, but it had to be 90 degrees with 100 percent humidity in there...oh, I so forgot about that dreaded humidity! So, instead we packed and made reservations for Carmines on 44th for the calamari and linguine and clams...yum.

Best part? Meeting up with friends :)

Carol has also blogged about our fabulous, and PVE, here.

A little cottage on the Hudson covered in Wisteria and Trumpet vine, Rendering by Michelle Morelan