Wednesday 31 October 2012

Your Stuff - the ebb and flow

Lots of things happen over time in your new home. We moved in last year and are still in the midst of finishing the house. It should evolve over time, living with the sun, your stuff and allowing the ebb and flow of things. If they don't work, let them go - even if they work, you don't have to use them all. The gestalt of the overall space is the goal.

My belief is that the space around an item is just as important as the item itself. Give it room. Your eye moves around a space quickly when you enter a room, and you want to reighn it in, make it easy for that to happen (if that's your design intention). Fewer items calm us because, we don't have to assess the space as erratically. 

In saying that, I love an overstuffed library, and a room where more is more; you can see how design can shape the life of the user, and where the design intention is strategic.

 This is my bedroom at the new house; I swapped out the sconces from glass amber shades, and installed a chandelier above the bed on a dimmer. The bed nail head trim complements both. I received the vases from Sigrid a few months ago, and the jade flower is from Heather Ross. I am really in love with my cotton tufted bedding and Restoration Hardware's linen sheets, but have recently put the duvet back on the bed. The end table is one of those ebb and flow pieces...I don't like the cable/electrical plates showing, and think it will end up in the living room because I like viewing it from all sides, but it works for now. I am looking at a smaller solid piece by Brent Comber. I am also considering an all over wallpaper for the room, but when the view is so great, I want it to be the star.

Enjoy your home.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Monday 1 October 2012

Barcelona 2012

Roof of Casa Mila, Barcelona, 2012

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, 2012

Las Ramblas, Barcelona 2012