Tuesday 29 June 2010

Six Objects de Vie…Vitania of Verdigris Vie

I have been in blogger lust for a while now with the beautiful blog Verdigris Vie. Turns out Vie is a fellow Canadian designer from Ontario, designing wrought iron pieces for her family business which her father started over 30 years ago.  She’s a mom, a designer, business woman, blogger, and has unmistakeable style… I was not surprised that her daily objects reflect all of those things.

Visit Vie here at her blog, and here at Anvil Wrought Iron.

Thanks for being #2 in my series Vie! I love your 6 objects!

vie_final with annotations_6 things

Tuesday 22 June 2010

MMID Commission…A Large Family Home


Carol’s family just moved into this beautiful large home in Richmond, and wanted to commemorate the occasion with a rendering. Three generations of her family live in the large home, so it must be a busy place…Congrats Carol!

Rendering by Michelle Morelan, 2010

Saturday 19 June 2010

Six Objects de Vie…Dale Kosowan of HD Inspiration

To satisfy my ongoing curiosity about others, I’m proud to introduce my new series “Six Objects de Vie”…a look at a featured designers favourite daily items. All of my designer/blogger friends are so suave…maybe you will be introduced to a new item you will fall in love with. If you would like to contribute…please contact me…I’m curious about you already :)

I’m starting with a fellow Vancouver Interior Designer; Dale Kosowan is an Associate Interior Designer at MCM Interiors in Vancouver, and I have followed his blog for a couple of years now. If you want to know what is cutting edge and new in the world of Hospitality Design, go over and visit.

Thanks so much for being my first guest designer Dale! Loving your items…I use the same Coach bag for my computer, and I’ll be making a trip to Urban Fare :)

19-06-2010 12-09-15 PM

Friday 18 June 2010

Bergere Love

french chaise dwgbergere chair

Rendering and Design by Michelle Morelan, 2010

The lines, the feathers, the piping, just the right ratio of wood to fabric…I love the proportions of the Bergere. Jazz it up with a new linen and wood finish.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Gifted Grecian

A “student” of mine from Greece has been sending me updates on his rendering skills, since discovering my blog, and I have been blown away by his progress! Recently I received this project presentation board which made me giddy with excitement. I’m thrilled to share Anastassis’s progress with you (with his ok). He has used SketchUp to create a basic drawing of the space, producing a measured perspective, then drawn in all of the details by hand. It’s tricky to know how far to go with each, but my opinion is that he has done an amazing job. The shadows, the woven details on the chair, representation and choice of materials…all great :)

Oh to live in that climate!!

I truly believe that hand drawings are more helpful for the designer and the client. They don’t expect later, that he sofa be that exact wood tone, or colour. Computer rendered drawings don’t leave room for that; a client looks at it, and thinks they are getting EXACTLY what they see. With hand renderings, you are able to give a feel for the space, without the expectation to convey every detail.

Just like interior objects, I feel we are going back to things made by hand, and the interface of the computer, in my opinion shouldn’t be used from the beginning of the design process until the end…something is lost. Design and drawing go hand in hand, one cannot happen without the other.

My husband says I need to teach whether people want it or not…it’s true;  this feeds that inner teacher in me…

“Hi Michelle! Would immensely appreciate your opinion about this presentation I'll be making of a patio makeover. I felt brave enough to hand-render the patio proposal, so would like to know what  a rendering master thinks about my humble attempt!...
I'm also sending you the CAD proposal for the interior (living and dining areas). I would immensely appreciate any comments and crit about the design. The client said she would appreciate a harmonious transition from the outside in, so I went a bit Tuscany (baked clay, corn yellow, soft greens etc)
Hope I'm not using up any of your valuable time, if not left with any, just drop me a quick line about the hand rendering!
Thanks a million, a very good morning from (sunny - and bankrupt!) Athens, Greece!

Other than the sofa needing a bit more depth, I see nothing about this rendering that isn’t amazing! I think your design talents shine through, and hope your client signs off on everything!! Thanks for sending this Anastassis :)PATIO%20PROPOSALcopyanastasis

Monday 7 June 2010

Rendering to Finished Space

Designer Jacquie Cao hired me last year, and has been gracious enough to send me updates…here is the finished kitchen, and the original rendering from floor plan and specs…the lighting is stunning isn’t it? It’s from Remains. There is a great pantry around the corner…you can see it in the video. Beautiful job Jacquie :)

When you see a project in 3D, you can see what you love, and what needs tweaking, before it’s too late. 

For rendering services contact me: www.michellemorelandesign.com


Rendering and AVI by Michelle Morelan, 2009

Thursday 3 June 2010

Camera Dump…June 2010

CIMG1651 CIMG1653

“Three” Acrylic on Canvas, Michelle Morelan, 2010

CIMG1460  CIMG0693

“Upwards 2” , Acrylic on Canvas, Michelle Morelan, 2010, my new Adler vase, and urchin box from Heather Ross in House (Vancouver). The mixed media piece is yet un-named, but one of my favourites, on heavy watercolour paper with a beautiful torn edge. It was created with a discarded mail envelope, paper towel covered in ink from the garbage can, salt, a heavy texturing medium, red printers ink and a red sharpie…yes! red sharpie…mixed media for sure!

CIMG1853 CIMG1875 CIMG1854

Easter Dinner in the Studio this year


Sun seeker Mythretites King of Pontas…taking a nap on my bed when I wasn’t looking.


My boys Jes and Evan heading out to a friends graduation, and Carson in the back…they are Fall Fair Car.

CIMG1955 CIMG1974

A few weeks back, getting the deck and plants ready for the season. I like the way my deck is greying.

CIMG1521 CIMG1553

A corner of my office, and new 18’ draperies at a clients’


The light fantastic!