Sunday 18 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Dinner with Friends

The Thanksgiving Bird at the Lakehouse, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving!

Heather's favourite side; fennel, peas and mint...yum!

First Course: Sweet Potato and Apple Soup with fried Sage

Craig putting his chill on before dinner

Heather and Craig brought gluten free bread for the dressing

Great photo Heather! Little pot pumpkin pies with leftover pastry and filling

Sun sets just in time for dinner...right on cue!

The best gluten free pumpkin pie ever!

Don't mornings call for fruit, granola and mint, leftover pie and Irish coffees?
PS...I etched these glasses myself :)

Mithredites always appreciates a couple of fingers of cream :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Hope you spend it in good company :)

Friday 9 November 2012

45 Days till Christmas!

Custom Christmas Card from Michelle Morelan Design, 2012

45 days till Christmas! This year I said I would be more organized for the holidays, and I feel like I am. I have spent the last few days in the studio doing custom Christmas cards, and it's been fun. I can turn up the music, work in more comfortable clothes (aka pj's) and keep up to date in the social networking world.

Two more sets of cards to go, and some invoicing, then onto organizing my own house for a photo shoot early in the holiday season; which is so much work! My list is two pages long...and growing.

Now that the boys are working, its getting more difficult to have more than a couple of days together at Christmas, so I plan on doing all I can ahead of time, and being able to sit down with everyone instead of wrapping in the garage at the last minute. Also, I am sticking to the one gift each rule this year, and filling stockings (my favourite part!) I want to really give thought to something special for each person this year, and frankly, I'm just sick of wrapping.

This year the goal is to be minimal and avoid anything made of plastic (fake garland) and decorate the home with fruit, food and real greenery. I am not buying a thing! I love salal, and we are lucky to have a great selection of evergreens on the west coast of the island to use in the planters outside the front door. Even know I have an electric fireplace, I am stacking wood at the front door...I love the feel of it. 

Have you seen the Holiday Book from Restoration Hardware? The mini lights in the warm clear bulb version is rocking my world...may have to make those my only purchase this year (see...already breaking the rules!)

So, my mind is already on yours? What do you plan on doing differently this year?