Tuesday 26 February 2013

Before and After - Janette's Reno

Corner Fireplaces are tricky...this one needed more room to breath. Taking down the wall between the Living and Dining Rooms was a good start, and working out the proportions of the fireplace, creating returns back to the wall, and finishing it in drywall and paint brings it up to date.

Design and Rendering by Michelle Morelan

working things out in SketchUp

some details have to be precise

The fireplace now looks in proportion, doesn't take up too much visual space, and with the removal of the wall, can breath, not feeling crowded.

Much better...nice job putting it all together Janette :)

Sunday 10 February 2013

10 Recent Design Crushes

10 Recent Design Crushes

1. The Cherner Chair

I've had my eye on this lovely for a few years, and the new cream leather lounge chair is just so amazing! This bar stool version with metal legs looks great, but I'm partial to the wood legs. Like the Wishbone Chair, I would likely go with Walnut.

2. The Fiddle Leaf Fig

interior by Joe Serrins photo by William Waldron
interior by Peter Dunham photo by Grey Crawford

3. Dark Brown

I have this blanket on my spare bed; I love the weight of it, especially when paired with my duvet...warm :)

4. Terrariums

Paula Hayes produces pieces of art for exhibition, like this- wow

5. Linen Sheets

these sheets are so nice on your skin...they are rubbery in drape and come right out of the dryer, onto the bed

6. Transparency- My David's Tea Teapot
Blooming Teapot with S/S Infuser

interior Michelle Morelan, photo Heather Ross

7. Fraser Fir Collection by Thymes

nothing like your west coast home smelling like fir! we use the dishwashing soap, kitchen spray and handsoap

 8. Serge Mouille Lamps

interior Kevin Carrigan photo by Tim Furzer

9. Anything Platner

Platner Stools
the lines are so yummy, and the new colours are just right :)

10. Crusceet

they are popping up everywhere...the LeCreuset dutch oven...in the greatest colours

cheery yellow...and passed down for generations...my mom has an orange one
my new LeCreuset shallow dutch oven...love that they make it in green :)