Sunday 10 February 2013

10 Recent Design Crushes

10 Recent Design Crushes

1. The Cherner Chair

I've had my eye on this lovely for a few years, and the new cream leather lounge chair is just so amazing! This bar stool version with metal legs looks great, but I'm partial to the wood legs. Like the Wishbone Chair, I would likely go with Walnut.

2. The Fiddle Leaf Fig

interior by Joe Serrins photo by William Waldron
interior by Peter Dunham photo by Grey Crawford

3. Dark Brown

I have this blanket on my spare bed; I love the weight of it, especially when paired with my duvet...warm :)

4. Terrariums

Paula Hayes produces pieces of art for exhibition, like this- wow

5. Linen Sheets

these sheets are so nice on your skin...they are rubbery in drape and come right out of the dryer, onto the bed

6. Transparency- My David's Tea Teapot
Blooming Teapot with S/S Infuser

interior Michelle Morelan, photo Heather Ross

7. Fraser Fir Collection by Thymes

nothing like your west coast home smelling like fir! we use the dishwashing soap, kitchen spray and handsoap

 8. Serge Mouille Lamps

interior Kevin Carrigan photo by Tim Furzer

9. Anything Platner

Platner Stools
the lines are so yummy, and the new colours are just right :)

10. Crusceet

they are popping up everywhere...the LeCreuset dutch the greatest colours

cheery yellow...and passed down for mom has an orange one
my new LeCreuset shallow dutch that they make it in green :)


Barbara Matson said...

YES! To them all!

Squires Ferguson said...

Great list! I'm on the terrarium kick too - practical way to have plants cohabitating with three year old twins! Love the Thyme Fir tip - def getting some of that!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

I have been looking for a fiddle leaf fig tree for about a year now. It seems that nobody sells the trees anywhere! I'll keep on hunting and WILL find one somewhere! Love the blanket and I love those wooden stool chairs.

pve design said...

Crushen on your crushes! Would you believe that I bought a blue le crueset for $35 at an estate helped that I knew the woman. She actually was going to give it to me but had an estate running the sale....I gladly paid for it.
The only thing you are missing is a laundress on your list~

Dawna Jones Design said...

Yes for me also! I had all white linen bedding last summer, and can now not live with out it! I got mine from a great company on Etsy out of Romania.

I also am a huge lover and user of Thymes Frasier Fir! Nothing like that smell!

Michelle said...

Dawna, I bought the white linen sheets for my bed, and the fog colour for the spare room; I haven't used my cotton sheets for over a year...they seem so cold now!!

Tracey, I got my fig at Walmart of all places...not quite a tree, but a desktop plant right now...but it sure is growing fast, and I have taken off the bottom leaves, as it's first attempt at a tree :)

Pam Kersting said...

Oooo lala - I love them all! What good taste you have my dear! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your Hudson Bay blanket reminded me of the 4 point Hudson Bay single bed blanket I found at a Goodwill for $5. New they are $350. I do love the romance of actually owning one.

Great blog, please keep it up.