Thursday 28 July 2011

The Sketch-Up/Hand Rendered Hybrid

I just submitted dwgs to a text on Interior Design Presentation (her 5th edition)…will share it with you when it all comes together over the next year, so it got me thinking about my process, which is different for every design situation. This DR is a good example, and one I use often for final presentations; start with a 3D rendering with a view photo imposed in the background (import your AutoCAD dwg to save time, and use an actual site photo), print 2 copies, then overlay a piece of trace or rag paper to create a line drawing, render with architectural markers, and cut the view out from the spare print, and paste it into the finished rendering.


west coast dining room_mmid 2011

1. print 2 copies of your SketchUp model

west coast dining room line dwg mmid_2011

2. create a line drawing

wc dining room

3. apply colour, texture and shadow

wc dining room 2

4. cut and paste your view

Monday 25 July 2011

Cottage or Camping?

Are you a cottage or camping person? I’m off camping at the end of Aug, so I’ve been thinking about how to make it as luxurious as possible. Turns out, I’m a “set up the sister’s tent, and sleep in my SUV to keep bear safe” person. (Irrational, but real for me…) Happy camping all…don’t step in the marshmallow gick by the fire!

modern cabin good res

Modern Cabin – Michelle Morelan Design, 2008

outdoor campsite_MMID

Outdoor Campsite – Michelle Morelan Design 2009

 tobi_camping tent

tobi_camping bath  tobi_camping dining table


Luxury Campsite – Michelle Morelan Design, 2010

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Client Gift

k amadatsu_commission_dec 2010

My favourite type of commission is a thank you for a client, and I love designer Karla Amadatsu’s style…I call it the “new classic”…her website is eye candy… this rendering was made into notecards.

Interior Design, Kerrisdale Design…Rendering by Michelle Moerlan, 2011

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Summer 2011 Update - MMID

1. A family room e-design project:

edesign janette final rendering

janette option e plan 

janette art janette barcelona table janette eames Walnut_Stools janette ikea cowhide janette joh lewis premium cashmere throw peat160647425 janette lee industires leather side chair janette sconce pic janette sidecar sofa janette tomeleo lamp 


Janette’s Family Room – e-design and renderings by Michelle Morelan Design, 2011


2. A recent rendering for a Calgary Interior Designer:


Interior by LeAnne Bunnell of Elle Studio in Calgary

Rendering by Michelle Morelan, 2011

3. Last bath project in Vancouver…should be a reality for my clients by now…(I hope), since I did the design work in the Spring.

bath persp dims


4. Sold over a dozen paintings this Spring, including these (taking custom orders):

CIMG8894 first at the beach mmid ukee skies mmid CIMG8677_thumb[19] Albarosa 2_thumb CIMG8550_thumb[45] clearing skies mmid into 18 by 24 CIMG0695

Thanks Louise, Isabel, Nadia, Karla and Corinne…enjoy!

5. I sold this one to a NYC Designer, spotted by his client on Etsy…Scarlet Rhapsody, 2009, Michelle Morelan

scarlett rhapsody

Also, getting ready for another shoot in White Rock in Aug, having a new website built, and changing my address on everything from business cards to bank statements…we just had a family re-union in Ucluelet, and my 93 year old Nana was visiting from Cape Breton…what a summer!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, and wondering how I can manage my time better, so I am able to put more time into blogging, as I miss the sharing, caring, talented community here. I am also am looking at my to-do list, wondering where I am going to find this time…lol…it’s the move; it’s taken allot out of me, created a large whole home project and has been physically exhausting with the sorting, staging, moving etc…! I owe visits to Patricia at PVE, and Joyce at Canadian Originals…and intend on a long magazine and blog read this weekend to catch up. Don’t you think it’s getting harder to be inside all day, now that the nice weather has arrived?

Happy Summer All!!


Friday 1 July 2011

A Little Play Time

charley perspective_MMID_renderedcharley_floor plan_MMIDcharley floor plan_MMID_rendered charley elevation A_MMID_rendered


charley elevation B_MMID_rendered


Charley is a busy 6 year old, and his sister Kyra is only 2; their mom wanted old time play- no electronics, just classic fun. I created a puppet show area with a hidden passage through a pivoted bookshelf, is a place for costumes and puppets on hooks, and…well…because children love to hide. The bunk is painted in chalkboard paint, and with my son’s suggestion, can be a pirate ship one day, then a castle, spaceship or train the next. It also doubles as a bunk for stay-overs. The ladder is removable for when Kyra is using the space, but for Charley, is a clear divider for the “boys only” level.

There is a space for arts and crafts, lots of IKEA storage and Flor tiles for comfort. The paper is Graham and Brown, and allows the child to paste and paint on the walls! The primary palette is classic in yellow, red and blue, grounded by a black chalkboard paint, which is also magnetized. It’s only a 12x12x9H space, but feels much larger, by keeping lots of open space in the center, and shelving that you can see through. Oh, to be a child again!!