Saturday 24 October 2009

Around the Studio





Hope you are having a great weekend…mine is thwarted by the flu. I can’t wait to be back to myself.


Isn’t the fall landscape beautiful right now? It’s what is building inside of me to paint…if I had the energy.

Thanks Camila!

Check out High-Heeled Foot in the Door! Camila has featured me in her weekly column “In Her Shoes”

Thursday 22 October 2009

November Beach Series


November Beach Series, Acrylic on Studio Canvas,  20” x 20”, 8” x 8”, Michelle Morelan 2009

Sunday 18 October 2009

Beach Chic Bedroom


I love layering whites and creams, masculine and feminine lines and fabrics. The furniture is from Oly, Restoration Hardware, Baker, Jayson, IKEA, Anthropologie and Hickory Chair (bed). The art is mine- “Ucluelet Skies”, 2’ x 4’, Acrylic on Canvas.

Click on the image to shop for these items through Polyvore.

Through my “Spec Space” service, you can have  a room put together for you. For those who are on a budget, who want to phase their purchases, or have the time to manage the project, it’s a great way to get a designer space.

Friday 16 October 2009

Remains Lighting

chandeliers_lanterns_HL3376_remainsI came across this website a few months ago, first through a client commission, then through and internet search. They offer a permanent collection, and an antique collection, where this beauty from the sixties is located. I don’t know why it’s so attractive to me…the colour palette, the light patterns it would give off. Can you imagine it (or a pair) over a DR table, kitchen island or buffet? Yummy.

It’s located here

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Electronic Arts

A television is not the eyesore it used to be…I noticed recently on the Restoration Hardware website, and again with Vicente Wolf in Met Home. I see others are taking note as well- like this award winner by Alex Bjurstrom. Is TV the new art?

 bjurstrom tb easel

Alex Bjurstrom

restoration hardware easel front

Restoration Hardware

 vicente wolf methome

Vicente Wolfe in Met Home

Monday 12 October 2009

Scarlett Rhapsody


Scarlett Rhapsody, Acrylic on Studio Canvas, 36 x 36, Michelle Morelan 2009

Thursday 8 October 2009

A Pink Reading Nook

We all deserve a space to call our own. This is dedicated to all women; make your life a beautiful life! Live it like you mean it…like no one is watching. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month…support the cause any way you can.

bcawareness rendering

Design and Rendering by Michelle Morelan 2009

Wednesday 7 October 2009

There are all kinds of Drawings for Interior Design

As you may have read, I am answering some questions for Scott in Virginia who is working on his Master’s Degree in Interior Design (wowsa!) I answered his questions via email, and was about to send him examples of drawings through the process of a project that he requested, when I though I would just post on it instead.

I have not had the opportunity to work on a hospitality project like this one I did for my Thesis Project a few years ago, so I chose it to document for Scott. Can you believe I still hold on to it? I just never felt more free in my life…being pushed to a high level of design, and without a budget!! I look back to my education as a wonderful experience in my life.

The project; well, you may recognize it by my header, which is a typical guest room at the Ucluth Lodge and Spa in Ucluelet, BC. It’s an adaptive re-use project, turning an old fish processing plant into a eco lodge and spa with water access.

The sketches really are different through the design process. You start with programming and gathering information, zoning and bubbling diagrams, space planning into materials, to detailing and all the time respecting the architecture and site. The following sketches reflect all of those phases of design. This would complete the design process, then you go on to Contract Documents, which are working drawings for the project. Working in 1/4 inch scale is best for interiors, and you should always work to scale; space is deceiving.

I kept a 3d model in SketchUp going along side the CAD plans to assess the spaces in 3d instantaneously, but earlier in the process, I did quick perspectives like most of the ones you see below. The last computer image is rendered with light in Photoshop.

We certainly have to love it to do it, don’t we? Dale over at the Hospitality Design Inspiration blog is blessed to do large scale hospitality work for a living…I am so envious.

Let me now bore you with the details so Scott can use this post for his project. I tried to keep it chronological. I used a block of newsprint to keep the process in order, now I am glad that I did.

In residential design, many times there is no budget for renderings, but quick small elevations and trace paper drawings in plan are the norm. I like to do a vignette rendering for a client anyway…as a gift. I think I am going to start doing front doors.

Now I am off to listen to Charlotte Moss over the the Skirted Roundtable…wow…those ladies are really getting the best of the best!!

CIMG9719CIMG9746CIMG9759CIMG9726CIMG9724 CIMG9728CIMG9730CIMG9731CIMG9741CIMG9740CIMG9732CIMG9739CIMG9734CIMG9742CIMG9743CIMG9745CIMG9747CIMG9751CIMG9752CIMG9754 CIMG9753CIMG9761CIMG9771CIMG9766CIMG9760CIMG9765ucluth lobby

Even know I love this last computer rendering…there is something more tactile and experiential with hand drawings.

Monday 5 October 2009

A Readers Rendering

scottt grooms_my%20morelan%20perspective150


Scott from Virginia contacted me some time ago. He is working on his Master’s Degree in ID, and liked my rendering style enough to use this one for an assignment.  Scott’s rendering is the large one, from my Rendering 101 lesson (the second one)…I think Scott’s is much better!! Nice job!!