Thursday 28 August 2008

I love this tile....

While sourcing tile yesterday, I came across this Italian porcelain number at C&S...I thought immediately a small luxury development in Ucluelet.

The wall to the exterior of this development would be glazing with a stainless steel U-channel and rubber gasket at floor and ceiling...the look would be seamless.

A while back, Sotheby's put out an add with an alike situation; the wood paneled ceiling was carried from inside out where it housed recessed pots. The flooring was large format natural slab stones, and also carried from inside out.

I love rustic/warm modern. As an Interior Designer, I love mixing styles and design principals in hopes of resulting harmony; not doing what is "in" at the moment, and using some kind of play on whimsy and architecture on top of the concept.

Even if I don't tell the client (sometimes it's best not to) I work from a concept...either something like "would this be in the home of a 20's something Parisian?" or inspired from nature; perhaps looking to the steep verticals of the views to large trees or the horizon for inspiration and working those principals of line into the interior space...not necessarily complimenting...sometimes adding tension is the purpose.

Design rant #1525...LOL...don't know where that was going...I just love that freakin' tile.

Wednesday 27 August 2008

The Colour Orange

I went to bed early last night, and brought a cup of tea and a stack of magazines; love those nights. Western Interiors is one of my favorites. I like the range and the inclusion of Architecture, a western mix of "flavours" from modern to lodge and the hybrid of both.

The August/September edition is wonderful...first a Victorian Home by Wick Design Group in San Francisco that I think I could just move right into (oh, the power of art!). The second is a Los Angeles House by designer Betsy Burnham, that uses colour and pattern to delight your eye...I have always loved the 4 chair configuration around a table. Yum...check out both of their websites...amazing work. Even know my own style is West Coast modern/warm/true...I love thinking that I could live in a different kind of home.

I have a dream of building very small cabins and linking them, in a private setting, and in a post and beam style; they would be furnished with post modern furnishings, with layers of me this is texture, mix of finishes and soft items like rugs and blankets.

Pace Fabrics in Vancouver on Alexander St. has the most amazing velvet colours...I think that one is Mango. (FYI: Orange is the colour of creativity in Amsterdam, and was the Royal Family's last name, that's why you see it everywhere in the Netherlands).

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Doors of Amsterdam

Patricia Gray posted pictures of beautiful doors she took in Italy. Well, that got me into my sketchbook from 2005, and my first visit to Amsterdam. I did the sketches on a "self study major site tutorial", so I sketched allot.

Why do I love doors? They are the entry to your home, where you greet friends, welcome, say goodbye, walk through for the first time as a couple, bring home a baby or walk back through after a loss. It's the valve into the heart of the home.

Doors in Europe are amazing because every one looks custom. They come in all sizes and colours, show their age as they should, and many times are the only wood feature on the facade of the house.

I especially loved the green one that opens onto a busy old Amsterdam street. The homeowner had planted geraniums that popped against the red brick. They appeared untouched by passing crowds.

Sometimes it's the house numbers in the perfect font and the perfect orientation; sometimes the lanterns, and many times the railings that appear to have 100 layers of paint.

I'm off to Amsterdam in less than two weeks, and this time I don't have to bring my sketchbook...I want to. Thanks to Sooz, my site tutorial instructor who pushed me to sketch everything I saw. I use this skill in my work daily.

Wednesday 20 August 2008

Gravity Defying Houses from Elle Decor

These were some strange houses I found on Elle Decor's website this morning...must be in a funny mood, because I laughed out loud at the atrocity of can find more on the website here.

This one is really weird...and strangely cantilevers over one main support...its in the Ukraine...a levitating farm house called Floating Castle

Gangster House, Archangelsk, Russia...this reminds me of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid

Cactus House, Rotterdam, Netherlands...the Dutch are so forward thinking...I love the mix of old, new, organic and modern shapes that exist beautifully side by side

Wozoco apartments in Ostorp Netherlands...the cantilevered effect is accentuated by the horizontal siding...this one seems to defy gravity; can you imagine the size of the beams it takes to support that span and height? Amazing!

And of course Habitat 67 in Montreal; I will dig out an interior I saw in a magazine some time was done in post modern classic furniture

Dreaming of the Paris Flea Market

The Seine last year with Brian; I loved the wear of the marble and the graffitti on the sign

Entrance to Notre Dame Cathedral...yes there was a Hunchback at the entrance with a cup...has anyone else witnessed this? Isn't it errie?

The figureheads outside of Notre Dame...I truly racking my brain to think of what they represent and who they are...I love the draping of the cloth; you can hardly beleive that it is stone

Some flea market pics from the internet...this will really be a blast...Debbie is a true lover of all feminine things, and it will be a challenge to find something beautiful and transportable

My week at Eaglerock was amazing! Now we only have 18 days to Amsterdam and Paris

This year I am travelling with my sister and two friends; it should be a blast. We plan on visiting the flea market in Paris, the Musee d'Orsay, the Moulin Rouge, and Notre Dame.

In Amsterdam, we will be visiting museums, shopping, walking, eating (not exactly the Dutch forte) and just having fun...hey life moves to fast...make the best of it.

Sunday 10 August 2008

Sketches of Amsterdam

Dreaming of Amsterdam while off to Eaglerock...I feel blessed; only 28 more sleeps! These are sketches I did last year of a green wrought iron bridge that crosses the Herengracht and buildings in oldest district near Jordaan.

A couple of quotes for you:

Hamilton Henning..."The place you have left forever is always there for you to see whenever you shut your eyes"

Theodore Fontane..."The main thing is that we hear and enjoy life's music everywhere"

Andre Gide..."One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time"

Have a nice week!

Tuesday 5 August 2008

penthouse at the Moorage

The penthouse is coming along. The concept has become "Yacht"- driven; that is what is driving my decisions regarding the furnishings, finishes and detailing.

The entry; a 36" nautical rose medallion with marble surround and rectangular border of chocolate marble mosaics. Pendant lighting in the 4 lt version of this vanilla shade.

Floors throughout to be walnut, vanities in baths to be walnut and kitchen cabs to be maple- all shaker style. Still looking for a good vanity light; something to compliment the warm tiles.

Dining Room is going to have the drum shade version, this beautiful RH table with upholstered chairs.

Here are the concept sketches for my first meeting with the clients...from here I will get a good idea of what they love and what they don't.

The remainder of items will not be so "matchy"

Sunday 3 August 2008


Jess called to tell me that Modern Shed has used the bedroom shed from the IDS show in their Dwell magazine advertising... I did the design work under contract for a Decorator in the city.