Thursday 28 August 2008

I love this tile....

While sourcing tile yesterday, I came across this Italian porcelain number at C&S...I thought immediately a small luxury development in Ucluelet.

The wall to the exterior of this development would be glazing with a stainless steel U-channel and rubber gasket at floor and ceiling...the look would be seamless.

A while back, Sotheby's put out an add with an alike situation; the wood paneled ceiling was carried from inside out where it housed recessed pots. The flooring was large format natural slab stones, and also carried from inside out.

I love rustic/warm modern. As an Interior Designer, I love mixing styles and design principals in hopes of resulting harmony; not doing what is "in" at the moment, and using some kind of play on whimsy and architecture on top of the concept.

Even if I don't tell the client (sometimes it's best not to) I work from a concept...either something like "would this be in the home of a 20's something Parisian?" or inspired from nature; perhaps looking to the steep verticals of the views to large trees or the horizon for inspiration and working those principals of line into the interior space...not necessarily complimenting...sometimes adding tension is the purpose.

Design rant #1525...LOL...don't know where that was going...I just love that freakin' tile.


Juxtaposition Design said...

This tile is AWESOME! I recently came across another tile I really like, I believe the brand is Happy Floors, I tried to find a picture or link online for you but had no success.

Anyways, it was a ceramic tile that was found at ProSource

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by Lisa; it's pretty dramatic tile isn't it?