Wednesday 27 August 2008

The Colour Orange

I went to bed early last night, and brought a cup of tea and a stack of magazines; love those nights. Western Interiors is one of my favorites. I like the range and the inclusion of Architecture, a western mix of "flavours" from modern to lodge and the hybrid of both.

The August/September edition is wonderful...first a Victorian Home by Wick Design Group in San Francisco that I think I could just move right into (oh, the power of art!). The second is a Los Angeles House by designer Betsy Burnham, that uses colour and pattern to delight your eye...I have always loved the 4 chair configuration around a table. Yum...check out both of their websites...amazing work. Even know my own style is West Coast modern/warm/true...I love thinking that I could live in a different kind of home.

I have a dream of building very small cabins and linking them, in a private setting, and in a post and beam style; they would be furnished with post modern furnishings, with layers of me this is texture, mix of finishes and soft items like rugs and blankets.

Pace Fabrics in Vancouver on Alexander St. has the most amazing velvet colours...I think that one is Mango. (FYI: Orange is the colour of creativity in Amsterdam, and was the Royal Family's last name, that's why you see it everywhere in the Netherlands).

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