Thursday 26 February 2009

Joni's Living Room

Joni's Living Room
(click for a closer look)

Happy Anniversary...notice I didn't include a socked husband or a puddin cup here :)
Which truthfully, I think is darling.... :)

Wednesday 25 February 2009

I'll be back...

Lots going on at my back in a few days.

Sunday 22 February 2009

6 things about me...

I've been tagged by Maria at Colour Me are six things about Maria's here. Sorry, but I have to tag 6 more of you...can't wait to hear :)

Miki (that's my childhood nick-name) doing my best to win a bubble blowing contest at my friend Marilyn's birthday-1975

0. (so I can get 7 things in) I love a good Murder Mystery Party. I have had several. These pages are from my portfolio to get into my program at Kwantlen; they wanted us to show them something creative, and true to our hearts...of course...mine was a good party!

a. Roman Ruins

b. Last Train From Paris

Sally is a pastry chef, and created this croque-en-bouche!

1. Since I was 10, I can remember wanting to be an Interior Designer. I met one at my friend Leslie-Ann’s and was smitten from that point on. It would be over 25 years, 2 marriages and 2 grown kids later that I would graduate with a Degree in Applied Design from Kwantlen. It was one of the proudest personal moments of my life. It took a long time to reach that goal...almost 30 years.

2. My parents have known each all of their lives, and have been married since they were 19. I feel fortunate for that.

Mom and Dad in Cape Breton, 1976

3. My favorite cities are Amsterdam, Paris and New York. In Amsterdam it’s Vondelpark and biking into the city from Badhoefdorf (near Schipol Airport). Paris; walking the Seine, and eating! New York city; Bryant Park, and taking in a Broadway Show after lunch at Carmines.

Herengracht Canal- Amsterdam

A green living wall in Paris

The Guggenheim- travel photos by me!

4. I’m almost 6’ tall, and I hate it. Don’t try to tell me how great it is; I am in love with heels that I can never wear.

5. Being in business for myself, sometimes I don’t get out of my pajamas all day. It’s something I’m not proud of... but I am always amazed with how much I can get done before 8am. Usual attire: white terry hotel slippers from my husbands travels (I open new ones almost every week to keep them spa clean), and my Jones NY grey thin pinstriped robe with a tank and sweat pants. I am sure the mailman thinks I never get dressed!

6. We lived in Key West for 4 years in a gorgeous renovated Conch House right off Duval St. while my husband did his job training.

Our rented Conch house in Key West

Those little palm flowers would pollinate, and get everywhere, so Brian had to climb up to chop them off a couple of times a year.


Jackie - Jackie Blue Home

Albarosa - Brilliante Home Decor

Stephan - Architect Design

Lauren - Pure Style Home

Patricia - PVE

Michele - My Notting Hill

Note: the formatting issues have officially driven me around the bend tonight, and I plan on becoming a google reader user tomorrow.


Another new local blogger!

Always a pleasure to meet other bloggers; add design freak to that title, and you have the perfect mix as far as I am concerned. Where am I going with this? I showed up to the Cantu party in Vancouver the other night, and who was there, but Victoria from Design Ties. I didn't know that she was going to be there, so when Maria introduced her, I was very surprised! The only bummer was that Patricia stayed home...we looked for her all nite :)

Here they are...Nancy (Urban Asthetics), Victoria (Design Ties) and Maria(Colour Me Happy)!
Check out Victoria'a Blog Design Ties; she shares the blog with another Designer, Kelly.

I saw architect Terry Harrison- he was my Tech. Rep. Instructor at Kwantlen; actually there are always lots of alumni at events like these. His mantra "what do they need to know to build it" comes to me every time I do technichal dwgs. I look like I have had a few here...time to consider a new hairdo! It was really hot in there though.

Check out Maria's post -Happiness is a Career that you Love. She got a pic of the 4 of us. I seem to want to show you my wine glass in both I so dislike the photos of me at these things.

Saturday 21 February 2009

Spritual Location

My client sent me this beautiful picture taken recently for their contractor's website...isn't it amazing?

The beach and walkway is private, and hosts the most amazing sunsets. The heads of the beams were carved by local First Nations carvers, and gas torches light your way to the beach. An outdoor fireplace inside a little seating niche warms you on the bottom deck level - there are 3 levels of balconies facing the elements and the open ocean, and a beautiful little protected breakfast area with a pond and garden in front. Outdoor speakers make for an even better ambience!

I will be watching the home for them at the end of the's always a treat to run down the walkway to the beach (and up again, which is much more difficult), take a steam shower, make a latte and watch the sunset. It's a beautiful home, but there is also something very spiritual about the area that is intangible.

Best seat in the house

The plan is to walk on Long Beach or the Wick, use the gym in the house, buy fresh produce, take spa baths and steam showers, and just treat myself! I am so looking forward to it.

Long Beach- 10 kms from Ucluelet

Thanks for (what the client and I call) the standing power of refusal you guys!


Friday 20 February 2009

Meade Design Group- Victoria

This morning, I thought I would piss my pants laughing at the photos of Ivan, Echo and Bobbie at Meade Design Group in Victoria when they posted these hilarious pictures. I've said it before; it must be one hell of a place to work!

I was fortunate to meet Echo and Ivan a couple of weeks ago at Patricia's pizza party here in
Vancouver. (Thank you again Patricia; what a sweet thing to do!) I could tell they were both hurting from the loss of their friend and colleague, Greg just days earlier. They were troopers, and we all ended up having a great time.
While checking out Meade Design Group's website, I was really impressed with the quality of work! Design is a funny field; many of us creative types really struggle with the business side of things, but Ivan seems to do very well with both. They also offer graphic design services, and when I need a new website this year, I know who I am going to call to set up my graphic identity! Mr. Meade.

Check out their studio space that I rendered. It's in a great little historic area of Victoria...Ivan designed the wallpaper graphic himself! (I know I said I was going to do the kitchen space Ivan, but I screwed it up late in the process. Wood tones are tough!)

Maybe I will include it anyway, to show what can go wrong!

Very Best Amigo...and Amiga!
You are so fierce!


Wednesday 18 February 2009

Biedermeier is Yummy!

Met Home, March 2009, Interior Design by Larry Laslo, Photography by Grey Crawford

The word Biedermeier comes from the titles of two German poems, and refers to an era of literature, music, architecture and furniture.

The style was strong between 1815 and 1848 (the Vienna Congress to the end of the Napoleonic Wars). Biedermeier corresponds to the English Regency style, French Empire, and the American Federal style. It also extended into Scandinavia.

Urbanization, a new middle class, and growing political oppression all influenced the style. Beidermeier writers were mostly middle class.

Biedermeier is simple and elegant in it's lines, and without ornamentation, making it a treat for true modernists who believe in truth in materials, and lack of ornament. Some say it later influenced the Bauhaus and Art Deco periods. It was a rebellion against Romantic fussiness, and was commissioned by the middle class, eager to show their new found wealth.

Even know the style grew out of the French Empire period, local materials such as cherry and pearwood were stained to imitate the more expensive timbers.

There was a revival of the Biedermeier style after the Vienna Arts Museum Expo made it a focus in 1896, that lasted up until the fascination with Art Deco.

I recognize the style by the feminine lines, simplified curls, the burl type woods, Regency and Federal references, and black accents. It's one of my favorite styles of furniture, and this month, Met Home had the most beautiful Biedermeier style chaise on the cover. Of all things, it is set in a Rammed Earth house! I love watching this mix happen over time.

What do you think of Biedermeier?

Interior Design and Decoration, Whiton and Ambercrombie, Prentice Hall Publishers

Monday 16 February 2009

What's Your Nautical Style?

Bunk Rooms, West Coast Home, by Michelle Morelan Design

Desire to Inspire

Coastal Living, March 2008

Concept for Moorage by Michelle Morelan Design

Desire to Inspire

Thomas Hamel- Sydney

Brian Andriola via Desire to Inspire

From the book, Hideaways- Cabins, Huts and Tree Houses by Sonya Faure. A painter's seaside tree house.

Via Modern Country Blog

Pottery Barn

I'm sorry, I didn't note the source of this image, but have a feeling, it's through one of those amazing Swedish bloggers!

Outdoor Living, West Coast Home by Michelle Morelan Design

Image via Skona Hem
Seaside Bedroom Retreat by Michelle Morelan Design
Phoebe Howard

Steven Gambrel

Set of Message in a Bottle with Kevin Costner, Coastal Living, March/April 1999

Joni's Barbados Post

Why do I love these villas so much? Joni at Cote de Texas has done an amazing post on Messel's compound of homes in the Barbados- I couldn't resist drawing this one.

Sunday 15 February 2009

Coastal Cottage

I have been a fan of a particular little Japanese fishing shack on the water in Ucluelet's harbour for a long time, and a few weekends ago, the owner gave me a tour of her home and the darling little cottage she rents out during the warm season. We will be styling it for professional photos soon.

Interior of the cottage; I would keep the interior white, add watery blues and greens, retain the dark floor, and add a larger desk area that faces the water. The owner didn't want me to show pictures of the interior, since it didn't look it's best, so I sketched the intent for you instead. Once we have our styling day, I will share the pictures, and contact info, so you can book a week!

This is the ultimate escape, to bring a great novel, a favorite blanket, and leave your worries behind in the city. Spend the day, walking the beaches and trails listening to the sea lions and gulls. In the evening, enjoy a glass of wine near the fire, and watch the fishing boats go by.

There is a darling little loft up above, and a small kitchen and bathroom at the back. The view is of Port Albion; it's calm, being in the inner harbour.

Ucluelet was a series of cedar walkways with little cedar shacks like this a hundred years ago. It's quite an interesting of First Nations (the Nuchanuth people), Japanese fisherman and their families, and early logging, establishing a resourced based economy.

There are only a couple of these little fishing shacks left, and you are no longer able to build so close to the water, on this side of the peninsula. That's what adds to the charm...and the building is original...grandfathered in, as they say.

Owner's home just up from the waterfront cottage.

The entry to the waterfront cottage...can you imagine the styling possibilities? The owner is actually very savvy, and hangs fishing floats by the front door, and sets out a cute little bench during warm season. You can fish from the dock.

The view out the kitchen window...yes, that is frost on the inside of the windows... brrr.

More to come with this little cottage...