Saturday 19 February 2011

Colouring Book – Sky Lounge

spa up top capture


Design and Computer Rendering by Michelle Morelan

Another “Colouring Book” post…use this as an underlay to create your own interior rendering.

It’s a lounge on the 34th floor with a accessible green roof. I have designed the aerie with the concept of merging the earth and sky, taking bits of both and lending them to each other…that’s how I’ve chosen my finishes which I will render into the drawing, but chose your own concept if you like, and try rendering this perspective in fineliners and markers. I would love to see your finished drawing…I’ll post mind soon.

Thursday 17 February 2011

Watercolour or Marker?

ucluth lodge and spa 3 MMID

Watercolour, Michelle Morelan 2006

Catherine asked me via email if I have ever tried watercolour…I admit, yes, but it’s not something I feel I '”get”…I feel more comfortable with the control of markers and the texture you can create (below). For presentations I think watercolour fits lots of concepts nicely, but doesn’t offer the intensity of colour that markers do…just the point I would guess. I encourage experimentation with all mediums :) Thanks for ready my blog Catherine…have fun!

ucluth lodge and spa 2 MMID

Architectural Markers, Chalk, Fineliners, Michelle Morelan, 2006

Monday 14 February 2011

A Valentine Wish

valentines day 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Sunday 13 February 2011


hotel lobby4


Renderings don’t always have to be structured…as a matter of fact, the client is happiest when they feel they can still change the design, and a finished rendering may say…”here…it’s done, and you have no say”… plus, they don’t want to think they are paying you for hours at the drafting table during the schematic phase of design. So loosen up :)

Design and Rendering by Michelle Morelan Design

Wednesday 9 February 2011

MH Studio and the Holiday House Renderings

kitch mh hhmh holiday house rendering LR

Interior by MH Studio, Renderings by Michelle Morelan

mh_studio sgk holiday house mh_studio sgk holiday house2

Interior Design and Photography MH Studio – from the Holiday House Website

Last year, I met the ladies of MH Studio in NYC…they are super talent, and warm, and their studio itself is stunning with views of the Chrysler Building. This is the second project I have done for MH, and was thrilled to see the after shots of the space they designed for the Holiday House in NYC for the Susan G Koman Foundation. It’s also fun to see the after pictures to see what has has been changed from the spec.

Shari has also posted about their experience with the Holiday House on their blog…she says “it’s not for the faint of heart”

MH…Great job, it’s beautiful!

If you would like a rendering of your space BEFORE it’s built, like MH, then contact me for more info.


Best, Michelle

Sunday 6 February 2011

Small Space Study #3 Clandestine Barn

barn in nanaimo barn in nanaimo 2Interior Design and Rendering by Michelle Morelan

Could you live in 750 square feet? This barn has a great space downstairs with a roomy entry, and studio/office space with double carriage doors which doubles it’s square footage. It features a double height stone wall and fireplace, and gourmet Wolf range included in a full cook’s kitchen. One change has been made…by code, I would think a set of doors off the LR area to the deck and stairs for egress is necessary. Living in the treetops, gourmet meals and natural iconic chairs which reference nature are all parts of the formula for living.

The barn serves double duty, where the bottom floor with stone fireplace can double as celebration space; clean off the painting table, and set a rustic scene for a meal in the painting studio in either season. In summer, you open the carriage doors, line the long table with flowers from the garden, and in winter you light the fire and scatter pumpkins about. Curtains on k-track from the beams on both floors keep the open feeling, but give you a privacy option.

A large part of the budget would be allocated is the post and beam construction, stone wall and FP. I also picture accordion doors like NanaWall in the LR, and of course, that Wolf range.

More to come on this one…it’s a great way to see it before you build it, and ask the question…could I live in a small space? For this couple, planning on travelling part of the year, looking for privacy, who are downsizing, need a painting studio, and run a home based design business, I think so.

live in barn

the original plan –

Saturday 5 February 2011

Canadian Originals

I had a wonderful lunch today with some very talented ladies, and much was discussed. We are all from the greater Vancouver area, all either Interior Designers, Decorators, Craftspeople or Design Enthusiasts. But the biggest similarity is that we blog…this wonderful world of design blogging. 

Anyone interested in joining the Design and Lifestyle Bloggers (West), please contact us, and come out to our next gathering in Vancouver…it’s growing…started at 5…today we were 20, and we have 39 on the list. Lets start to spread the word…heck maybe a West Coast Digital Magazine or Show one day! Lets start showcasing our amazing west coast talent.

Another peek into my recent photo shoot with Heather…they will all be revealed soon.

Granville Loft phto shoot HRoss kitch wall

Heather Ross photo – Interior Design, Michelle Morelan Design



On that note, this is a two part post, because a new Canadian Blogger has interviewed me for her new blog how appropriate :) I love her header quote “a celebration of creativity” Joyce is a published writer; the National Post for one, creating the most stunning interiors (check out her portfolio) and I would like to formally introduce her to you all! I was honoured that she wanted to interview me, and she is as warm as she is talented…please leave Joyce a nice comment when you go and visit…her most recent post is on the Iconic appeal of birch bark…intrigued?…I thought it was delightful…Thanks Joyce…can’t wait to meet you in TO one day :)

Best, Michelle