Saturday, 5 February 2011

Canadian Originals

I had a wonderful lunch today with some very talented ladies, and much was discussed. We are all from the greater Vancouver area, all either Interior Designers, Decorators, Craftspeople or Design Enthusiasts. But the biggest similarity is that we blog…this wonderful world of design blogging. 

Anyone interested in joining the Design and Lifestyle Bloggers (West), please contact us, and come out to our next gathering in Vancouver…it’s growing…started at 5…today we were 20, and we have 39 on the list. Lets start to spread the word…heck maybe a West Coast Digital Magazine or Show one day! Lets start showcasing our amazing west coast talent.

Another peek into my recent photo shoot with Heather…they will all be revealed soon.

Granville Loft phto shoot HRoss kitch wall

Heather Ross photo – Interior Design, Michelle Morelan Design



On that note, this is a two part post, because a new Canadian Blogger has interviewed me for her new blog how appropriate :) I love her header quote “a celebration of creativity” Joyce is a published writer; the National Post for one, creating the most stunning interiors (check out her portfolio) and I would like to formally introduce her to you all! I was honoured that she wanted to interview me, and she is as warm as she is talented…please leave Joyce a nice comment when you go and visit…her most recent post is on the Iconic appeal of birch bark…intrigued?…I thought it was delightful…Thanks Joyce…can’t wait to meet you in TO one day :)

Best, Michelle

2 comments: said...

Thanks Michelle. It was great talking to you. Can't wait to see the rest of your new portfolio shots.

Layers and Layers said...

certainly would be lovely to have our profile lifted in the west. A plethora of wonderfully talented people (such as yourself) to draw on and yet (& I suppose in true west coast style) we quietly go about promoting our industry. So looking forward to seeing the shots from you last shoot too!