Saturday 31 July 2010

Should I Paint It?




Over the last week, I have been changing things up at my studio…this is a little niche off the main large space that has great light; I use it to meet clients and have my morning coffee.

I was thinking of painting the old Ikea table tomorrow, and applying nail head trim on all 4 aprons. I just don’t have anything in that warm pine colour. What do you think? Would you paint it? If so, black, white, or warm gray?

Look for Six Objects de Vie with Albarosa from the blog Brillante next post :)



Monday 26 July 2010

#3 Camping with Tobi - The Video Tutorial

See my guest post on Tobi’s blog; – follow the video tutorial below, and let’s go camping !!

tobi_camping tent

tobi_camping bathtobi_camping dining table   


camping with Tobi materials

Create the Look with these Pieces:

Ralph Lauren: Wing Chair, Picnic Basket, Rattan Chair
Conran: Travel Trunk, Director Chair and Desk
Loll: Red Adorondak
Brent Comber: Stump Tables
Drake: Duffel Bags
Walmart: Lantern
Ikea:Solar Pendant Lamp
Dash and Albert: Rug
John Hanly: Throw
Hermes: Binoculars

Thanks for inviting me to go camping Tobi…for the video tutorial of the tent interior, click below.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

#2 Greet’s Office – The Video Tutorial

Greets Office

Rendering by Michelle Morelan, 2010

Interior Design by Lefevre Interiors and Greet Lefevre of the Blog Belgian Pearls

greet library

For this tutorial, we are working from photo. This office/library designed by Greet Lefevre has deep shadows and fine liner work, because of the panelling, which also requires some lighting and wood graining techniques. Don’t be afraid of dark shadows; they will give your drawing dimension. And be a little looser in applying your colour and pen weights- that’s the charm of a hand drawing.

Also, sometimes a gesture of an object is better than too much detail. Just like Interior Design, you read it as a gestalt, not as individual objects.

#2 Greet's Office from Schematic Life on Vimeo.

You can watch it in full screen mode by clicking the arrows beside vimeo :) It’s recorded in HD, so keep the HD on.

Greets Office

Thanks Greet!!

Monday 12 July 2010

#1 Yellow and Blue Office – The Video Tutorial

yellow office MMID

Yellow and Blue Office- Finished Rendering, Michelle Morelan, 2010

Welcome to the first in my video series- #1 Yellow and Blue Office.

Over the last couple of years, there has been interest in me teaching what I do with architectural markers. I’ve always said that anyone can do it, and there are techniques…so here’s the formula that I use typically for un-built spaces. Instead of a computer model, you can also use a photo, replacing and deleting items. I call this the substrate, and it’s the basis for your perspective and rendering. Of course, there are kinds of drawings for ID, from napkin sketches to finished watercolours…

Please bare with me, as this is a learning experience for us, and I had to let some control go just to finish this first video…I knew nothing about the filming process, and it’s more difficult than I thought. 

This video is the demo/prototype version for building the series, and I am excited to share it with you. Please, be nice, it took allot for me to put myself out there, and like many of us, I cringed at the inflection of my voice, or a simple hand gesture. My need to share some of the rendering skills I’ve gained, outweighs the fear.

I’m excited…and thanks to all of you for the emails…let’s see how this goes :)

Best, Michelle


Print these PDF renderings from my website to participate in the video tutorial

yellow and blue office shadow dwg for post yellow and blue office texture dwg for post



Materials used in this rendering:

  • Light table set up (glass, lamp and heavy books will do). If you don’t have piece of glass, consider the “as is” bin at Ikea for a glass door or small table top for one of their cheap end tables; just make sure it’s long enough. Always use tempered glass with a finished edge!
  • Paper: both ledger size plain paper and archival rag paper- Bienfang Graphics 360- 100% rag translucent marker paper (this is like tracing paper, but it doesn’t bleed, is thicker and is able to handle the marker manipulation) these sizes are approximate, and you can work smaller or larger if you like. I have a scanner that scans up to ledger size (11x17). Just ask the clerk for marker paper- archival.
  • Drafting tape; it’s less sticky than regular masking tape, but that will do too…just put it on your pants or skin first to get most of the stickiness off.
  • Black fine liner pens: Copic Multiliner SP .03, and .05, Staedtler pigment liner .1 (an assorted pack of thicknesses is a better deal)
  • Artist pen by Faber-Castell in the B thickness; this is a paint brush type tip- a multipack of greys and a multipack of colour is a better deal, but for this dwg, I used 199 (dark gray), 272 (light gray),174 (green), and 247 (blue). There was a quick use of a thicker 180 (raw umber) for the desk, but I went over it with the darker brown to fix it; still this is a useful thickness and colour, and will be used in future dwgs, so I would recommend it
  • Graphic pen 3000 duo tip by Staedtler Mars in 55 (green). These are some of my favourite paint pens, because they pool.
  • Tombo ABt paint pen 491 (glass coloured blue); its duo tipped
  • Copic Markers in W5 (Warm Gray #5), E49 (Dark Brown), 110 (Special Black), E43 (Dull Ivory)
  • Touch Markers CG5 (Cool Gray)
  • Prismacolour 96 (Blondwood)
  • Letraset Tria Marker in 120T (Medium Yellow)
  • A gold roller ball gel type pen
  • A dual tipped black Sharpie
  • Signo pigment ink in UM-153 White

Sunday 11 July 2010

Gone Campin’


CIMG3466 CIMG3476CIMG3452

Have you been over to visit Tobi Fairley during her Design Summer Camp?  It looks like a great escape…I wish I was there in person  to attend. I’m taking a bit of time off this summer, but it got me thinking about a segment I did for Breakfast Television a couple of years ago. They asked me to talk about outdoor living; I started with the simple idea of a woodpile (I have a thing about woodpiles), and ended with this feeling of a fun campsite, with netting, games, furs, hot chocolate and games…all in the TV studio. The combination of luxury and rustic is one of my favourites.

I’ll be around the campfire :) See you there!

Sunday 4 July 2010

Summer Rain- Inspiration to Paint

lanie-loreth-summer-rain-i lanie-loreth-summer-rain-ii

I love these pieces…”Summer Rain 1 and 2”…by Lanie Loreth. Some of her work is older in style, but these are very lovely. It’s difficult to get a runny consistency with acrylics, but with some of the new mediums, you can do it without creating too much transparency, or losing too much of the chroma. It’s fun to work with acrylic mediums, and if the weather is nice next week, I plan on taking the easel and ipod dock outside.

How are you being creative this summer?

Thursday 1 July 2010

Happy 143rd Birthday Canada!

I was born on the east coast (Glace Bay NS) and grew up on the west coast (Ucluelet BC), crossed the country once in a 1977 Ford Pinto, and once on a train. It’s the country of my mother, her mother, and her mother’s origin. The sea has sustained my family, and the vast wilderness invites you into moments of solitude. Most of us live close to the border, but if you go north in any of the provinces, you will meet down-home people that will take you in, give you a meal and share their lives with you…it’s a country of polar opposites…of style, pride, tolerance and openness. It’s where I love to return, and am happy to call home.

DSC05858  DSC05897 DSC05890

Glace Bay, NS


Upper Kennedy Lake, near Ucluelet BC, on the west coast of Vancouver Island


Long Beach, near Tofino BC


Glace Bay, NS


Near Louisburg, NS


Louisburg Lighthouse, NS


Glace Bay, NS


Glace Bay, NS


The Blowhole at the Black Rock Resort (close to my parents house), Ucluelet BC…this is a calm day…can you imagine during a storm standing on that platform? Sitting in the lounge on a stormy day drinking cappuccino is the ULTIMATE.

Photos by Michelle Morelan

Happy Birthday Canada!!