Sunday 4 July 2010

Summer Rain- Inspiration to Paint

lanie-loreth-summer-rain-i lanie-loreth-summer-rain-ii

I love these pieces…”Summer Rain 1 and 2”…by Lanie Loreth. Some of her work is older in style, but these are very lovely. It’s difficult to get a runny consistency with acrylics, but with some of the new mediums, you can do it without creating too much transparency, or losing too much of the chroma. It’s fun to work with acrylic mediums, and if the weather is nice next week, I plan on taking the easel and ipod dock outside.

How are you being creative this summer?


Unknown said...

Have never seen acrylics behave this way...this is simply beautiful!

qerat said...

They are beautiful Michelle.
And the name is just right

Unknown said...

Those are great! Hey, what happened to your Etsy shop?

CREED said...

Gorgeous paintings! And a great question......I'm going to head out to the east coast for a couple of weeks and plan to indulge myself in lots of landscape photography!

DesignTies said...

Lovely! The muddy colours are terrific, particularly with the peek-a-boo blue in the "sky". I also love the rained-on affect that Lanie has created.

As for summer projects... mine never end! I'm currently working on a couple pieces that use some of my photography - I hope to share them on DesignTies in a couple weeks :-)


Nice pieces!

I have been taking lots of photos lately. Last weekend I went to Seattle and I took a couple of cool shots.

Renae Moore said...

Gosh this is pretty! Love the textures.