Monday 28 September 2009

Ucluelet Skies


“Ucluelet Skies”, Acrylic on Studio Canvas, 24x48, Michelle Morelan 2009

I am on my way to Ucluelet for work, and have been thinking about the coming of the fall season. It is especially evident on the west coast of Vancouver Island, where the temperate rain forest creates misty wet conditions made only for ferns and mushrooms. The skies are kind of eerie, and seem to cry very slow tears.

Note: This piece is done in sepia, browns, whites and umbers with just a touch of blue (Paynes Gray)…the computer image does not reproduce well, showing it on the blue side. Browns are the toughest colour to scan or photograph.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

NYC 2009

CIMG9378 CIMG9401 CIMG9431 CIMG9428 CIMG9458 CIMG9459  CIMG9444 CIMG9480CIMG9636 CIMG9445 CIMG9470 CIMG9468 CIMG9507 CIMG9543 CIMG9437 CIMG9410 CIMG9536 CIMG9587 CIMG9606 CIMG9605 CIMG9613 CIMG9617 CIMG9625 CIMG9643 CIMG9638 CIMG9651 2009%20Sept%20NYC%20375 2009%20Sept%20NYC%20122 

A few highlights from my recent trip to NYC with Brian…

Sunday 20 September 2009

Tobi Fairley Interiors

tobi entry_MMID_aug 3_09tobi lr 2  tobi lr


This entry is for Scott in Virginia, as he pursues his Master’s Degree in ID. I appreciate your kind comments…happy sketching!!

Tobi’s rooms are a pleasure to render because of her bold use of colour, pattern and contrast. Thanks for the inspiration Tobi!

Monday 14 September 2009


 CIMG9590 CIMG9602 CIMG9599CIMG9596

Away with my hubby…it’s been a while.

Monday 7 September 2009

A Meeting Space in SketchUp

 ideal meeting shadow

ideal meeting shadow materials


ideal meeting persp1

ideal meeting persp2

ideal meeting persp3

ideal meeting persp 4

ideal meeting persp 5

What do I love? I love the contrast of walnut and modern white. I love the juxtaposition of texture and smooth. I love the bubble lamps by Nelson. I love red and brown…the Wishbone chair by Wegner, and more filing and surface space than I need. This is how all of those things would ideally come together in a new meeting/work space. Cover the cabinets with a linen cloth, and you have a great dining space for special occasions.

Design and Renderings by Michelle Morelan Design

Ian Schrager does it Again…


Gramercy Park Hotel- NYC-