Thursday 30 July 2009

Tablescape Thursday – Our 13th Wedding Anniversary

brian and me

We look so young here- 13 years ago…now we are wiser, not as thin, have a few more wrinkles, and love each other in an a whole new way.

Tablescape Thursday this week for me coincided with celebrating our wedding anniversary. It was especially nice because Brian is away much of the time with work.

With the idea that simple is best, I set the table anticipating my husband’s arrival after 25 days away!

My favourite linens are from the flea market in Paris…they are monogrammed and have a great rubbery drape to them. At Capitol Iron in Victoria, I found these beautiful little Eiffel tower S&P shakers. The roses, herbs and evergreens are from my garden. 

A few nights later, we took in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” at the Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park.

All this, and perfect 70 degree evenings…lucky for me, because Vancouver is in the middle of heat wave right now, with temperatures that seem unbearable.

CIMG8730CIMG8743CIMG8740 CIMG8731        CIMG8752CIMG8718


Right before I light the candles…’s time for you all to go…

So, go on over to see Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to look at some other great tablescapes!! Susan’s is especially stunning this week!

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Study in Yellow Oxide

Albarosa 2_thumb

36x48 Acrylic on Canvas, Michelle Morelan

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Ukee Days 2009

I have mentioned before I am from a small town of less than 1500 people (at the time, even less). Every year, Ucluelet, celebrates Ukee Days, a small town celebration including logger sports, booths, food, and beer gardens. They also have live music on both days as you wander the grounds. This year my kids and all of their Kubla Khan family members (kids recording label for their plethora of bands) came to Ucluelet to perform.

It is a 3 hour ferry and a 3 hour drive, but once you get to the west coast of Vancouver Island, you have reached paradise. A temperate rain forest, the ocean breezes, cooler temperatures and fog in the morning gives the place a mystical quality…plus, it still feels like home.

image Ucluelet

I chronicled the weekend through pics…the one above is from Google Earth

CIMG8776 CIMG8773

My mom puts on quite a spread…this was when we arrived on Sat. night. She had 50 or so people at her house to eat, drink and be merry while the kids practiced in the garage for the next day’s gig. Even know they play alternative music, they also performed some Beatles songs for us old folk. I especially loved their version of “A Day in the Life”, and just when everyone was about pickled, they did “Rocky Racoon”…we all sang…so much fun. We were the dun, dun, dun, dun, dun dun back up singers.

It reminded me of the old Cape Breton summers of my youth, where there were always guitars, spoons, singing and dancing; and a big lobster pot on the fire.

That’s my mom’s famous seafood lasagne on the left. Yum


The kids eating in the garage- aka- the party space. My dad is an old fisherman, and thinks everything can be fixed with twine. Hence, the ladder clad in twine…a barrier for his two Scotties.  We just laugh; between twine and duct tape, he’s covered for all household repairs.

CIMG8801 CIMG8787 CIMG8795  CIMG8793

The dogs played fetch in the backyard. Katie, Bailey and Spencer. They like a good parry too! OK, maybe not Katie…she is shy! We don’t know what happened to her, but they are both rescue Scotties, and she shies away from people. Look at Bailey…I told my sister, she needs a haircut!!!

 CIMG8824 CIMG8829

They jammed, we listened, and a good time was had by all.


Shirley and Maureen…waiting for the show to begin.


My son Evan (in the Vespa t-shirt) and the Kubla Khan Family.

CIMG8864 CIMG8863


Evan, Carrissa and Jes

CIMG8874 CIMG8845

My son Jes, Carson and Carrissa

CIMG8881 CIMG8885

A long ferry line up, and a beautiful sunset takes us back to the mainland. Weekends away with family= priceless!!

On another note… Best to Lauren at Pure Style Home…her son got some bad dog bites, and she has gone into heavy duty nurture mode. I hope you both feel better soon Lauren.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Textured and 3D Walls

Below: Modular Arts- West Edge, LA and Bella Mare, Aventura, FL

image image

Below: Ken Gangbar- Nobu in Athens, Interior Design by the Rockwell Group


Below: Kelly Deck Design in Canadian House and Home- May 09- silk butterflies

c_h_and home_kellydeck

Below: Pirsc 3D wallpaper- airplanes, crosses, roses…and other cool accessories


Below: Gary Hutton and the Modern by Design Showhouse- Katiedid posted this great series on the showhouse. The dots on the wall are actually  Swarovski “pearls”, and they represent seismic activity in North America. Very Cool! Thanks  Katie! I also found this wall of toilet paper in a bathroom designed by Gary at Apartment Therapy…pictured below. He looks at the wall in  a new way!

Gary Hutton Designer, Master Bedroom_thumb[5]


Below: Yabu Pushelberg, W- Blue Fin Restaurant- NYC Times Square, the next picture was taken by me a few years back…look at the great scale and juxtaposition of the wood wall  and mobile…stunning! The staircase shows off anyone who dares to walk up.

Whotelwavewall_blue fin_surface interiors DSC03263

Below: Rammed Earth Walls that continue inside- Patricia Gray did a great post about Rammed Earth Walls after her stop at a First Nations Winery in the Interior of BC…this one is in Tucson

Below: Architectural panels by Inhabit- these are the Shangri La series


Below: 3D wallpaper by Mio


Below: I love these wood slat and firewood walls I found on Flicker 

wood walls by Idle Type.

tom scheerer

Bored by your studio walls?

Below: Green wall- Musée du quai Branly must have been the influence for this green wall inside this antique store in Paris.


Above: Musee de quai Branly, Paris, photo by Michelle Morelan

Below: Antique Store in Paris near our hotel



Below: The lobby of The Saxon Boutique Hotel in South Africa- sometimes a collection of many can equal perceived texture. These are especially great, because each basket has physical texture as well, and speaks to the site…check out the hotel…simply breathtaking.


Saturday 18 July 2009

Thrifty Shopping for Tablescape Thursday

I spent the morning shopping at London Drugs and the Dollar Store. I’ve been thinking about another Tablescape Thursday, and went looking for casual linens and flatware.

For less than 2 bucks each, I got a couple of matching sets of tea towels, and great carafe. At London Drugs in their  mark down section, I found these lanterns for 6 bucks each (reg. 19.99) and some square white plates and bowls for under 2 bucks a piece. I think I will head back to London Drugs to buy what they have left of the lanterns…they had small ones for 2.99 as well!

Yippee! I got my shopping fix, but didn’t spend much :) Well…until I hit the grocery and liquor store down the road.



Watch for my Tablescape this Thursday! My husband is home after a month away, and I’m cooking a romantic outdoor dinner for 2.

Register over at Between Naps on The Porch; Susan hosts the TT parties.