Monday 13 July 2009

Pictures of the Past…My House in Key West

Michelle at My Notting Hill suggested I post some pics of my renovated Conch House in Key West after I mentioned it in her comments. Brian and I lived there while he was doing his training for four years. He flew planes for Continental Connection to and from the Bahamas and Miami, Palm Beach and Key West. We would spend weekends with the kids in places like Harbour Island, Disneyworld, Palm Beach and Islamorada. So much fun!

The house was a great find, I found through a co-worker at…of all places…Heavenly Ham! Marie’s in-laws were living in Orlando now, and needed good renters…nice.

Among Eyebrow Cottages and Shotguns in the Keys, a Conch House is, as defined by Wickipedia…

“A conch house is a style of architecture generally found in tropical climates, especially in the Bahamas and Florida Keys. These homes are "typified by a rectangular floor plan and mass with a full-façade porch, raised foundation and tall sash windows with louvers." [1] With stylistic roots from the Bahamas, New England and Africa, conch homes blend wood, Gulf Coast, Caribbean and New England elements.”

Our rental was renovated from studs…it had a  great front porch with a swing, and a gate to the left to the back of the house. The master bedroom was up front, and a large living and kitchen addition out back connecting to the deck with seamless double doors. We bought our furniture at Rooms to Go…knowing we would only need it for a short time. To live in a different climate, immersed in a different culture was something I will always be grateful for.

It was a lovely time in our lives :) These pictures were taken with a film camera! Remember those?

kwest_outdoor meal

Feasting on ahi tuna and caesar salad outside on the back deck

kwest_dr and lr

Towards the back deck from the kitchen pass through. The French doors had no center frame, so you could open them up to the outdoors all day. They mostly have crawling bugs there…not flying ones!!

kwest_outside dr

Another deck dinner…or is that the same one?

kwest_dr table

This was moving day…the DR area


Down the long hallway typical to renovated conch houses, with all the bedrooms and bath off that hallway. Check out the relief of the palm tree on the column adjacent the clock! There was a loft area above the kitchen looking down into the space, with a great wooden ladder.


Another moving day picture…the owner’s lamp and wicker still in the living room. Later I moved it to the master bedroom.


This is the only picture I could find with my orchid wall…this is after a wind storm…I discovered the reason palm trees are shaped like they are; the wind is powerful…even the chairs have even been blown around! There is a night blooming jasmine in the corner of the hot tub area, and when the steam would hit it, the smell…well…so strong and beautiful…I have never smelled anything like it!


My 90’s Living Room in Key West, right off Duval St. I must have had the air conditioning on that day…otherwise there is no way the doors would be closed!! You can see the jasmine through the door on the left, and the ladder to the loft above the kitchen.

When I close my eyes, I can be back there in an instant…


Terry said...

Good grief, you got to live there!!! Wife and I spent had 2 February vacations there at the end of the Ft. Lauderdale - Key West Races. That was some time ago and we're still mesmerized. I hope y'all get to spend a bit of the winter down there.

My Notting Hill said...

So fun to see a glimpse into your tropical life! Love how its all connected to the outdoors. Your comment made me think - how did we survive w/film cameras?

Velvet and Linen said...

What a great two story space, Michelle.
I love looking at pictures of our old house. They bring back so many memories. It sounds like looking at your old pictures did the same for you.
Thank you for sharing.


Renae Moore said...

I can relate with you on great memories from places I used to live. What a great place you had here, there is nothing like the beach!

Unknown said...

It is great to finally see pictures of your charming 'conch house'. What wonderful memories you must have.


I just want to be there enjoying your company and why not drinking some sexy tropical drinks.

Lauren said...

Gosh reading this you make me want to do something crazy like get up & move with my family!!! must have been heaven. love the thought of the jasmine wafting in...

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I want to be you for just a little while...thanks for sharing with us it looks wonderful. I have missed you on my blog and for some reason could not get to yours until now. Have a great day.

Brillante Interiors said...

Just the name "conch house' evokes holidays, fun, sunshine, swimming. Memories to be treasured forever and who knows, maybe you'll have a conch house again later on.
This was nice, cheerful and bright.
(P.S. I am still a film camera person! they do still exist...)