Thursday 16 July 2009



I love natural light- this morning it really impressed, as it danced around my office.


Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful photo! I too am very inspired by light. I recently stopped and took a picture of the shadows formed by a tree on a sunny lawn - it was like an abstract painting, with the light and the shadows.

Karen said...

It's wonderful how light can transform even a utilitarian space. Your office looks dreamy!

Tracy Watier said...

Great photo. There's a time every morning when my living room glows golden from the light through the curtain panels. I've seen it hundreds of times but it still stops me in my tracks.

pve design said...

Oh, this makes me want to see more of your office!
Looks like a lovely spot, with nice light.

Renae Moore said... looks like the first light of the day...I like the way you have organized your office too. Have a great weekend.