Monday 29 June 2009

This Week’s Mixed Media Class


Collage on door skin, gesso, drywall mud, ink, gels, acrylic, micro pen dwgs on paper, and chalk, Michelle Morelan 18” x 30”


Collage; ink on rice paper, acrylic and gels and drafting ink on watercolour paper , Michelle Morelan, 20” x 30”


Bark Study- Inks, and gesso on canvas, Michelle Morelan, 18” x 24”


Acrylic and gesso on wood, Michelle Morelan, 12” x 24”

CIMG8484 CIMG8548

Ongoing…from last week…the first one is from last class


Watercolour, ink, Michelle Morelan, 10” x 16”

Albarosa 2 CIMG8677 CIMG8675 CIMG8674

Albarosa 1

Friday 26 June 2009

Rendering Give-away


So, I have been thinking for a long time about rendering a fellow blogger’s space…I have a stack of all of your rooms… I periodically print them out, so I have no shortage of inspiration, but…let’s try something new.

Leave me a comment, with a short story of your favorite space, then email me, with a number between one and a hundred. I’ve picked a number; the closest one to mine is the winner.

Here’s one I did for my friend Albarosa; you can read the story behind this room here.

Curtain Call

As room dividers, or to define spaces, draperies can soften a room, absorb sound, insulate and cocoon us, or add a dynamic energy. They move in the breeze, give us a large surface to treat, and can be an economical solution where a wall is not possible. Easy to open, and detail driven, I think they are a great solution.

ph sam gray_id jim gauthier and susan stacy_lofts and condos 09

Photography by Sam Gray, Interior Design by Jim Gauthier and Susan Stacy, Lofts and Condos 2009

CCI24062009_00001ph janet mesic mackie_arch joe valerio

Photography by Janet Mesic Mackie, Architecture by Joe Valerio from Lofts and Condos 2009

8-20-2008 1






Pottery Barn

ED0908_FISHER_outdoor photo by grey crawford

Photography by Grey Crawford

bianchi loggia




and now some hospitality draperies…





Delano, Miami Beach, FL




Mondrian, Scottsdale, AZ


Sanderson, London

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Tablescape Thursday

For a couple of weeks now, I have been trying to remember to get over to Between Naps on the Porch to register my URL for Tablescape Thursday. I saw Joni’s first, and just loved it!

My friend, Photographer and Interior Designer, Jessica came over to take some pics of the back deck, then we  enjoyed the lemonade.  What a great way to spend an afternoon…with someone as excited about setting a table and taking pictures of it as I was! Thanks Jess, Joni and Susan!!

DSC_0059    DSC_0042







Can’t wait for the next one!!

Tuesday 23 June 2009

The King

CIMG8528Teetering on the edge of the sill, close to a vase of lavender, but without touching it, Myth takes an afternoon nap in the sunshine.

He was named during the boys grade 7 Greek history period, and is  short for Mithrideiteis, King of Pontas ( I just know I spelled that wrong)!

I wish I could relax as easily as he can.

Sunday 21 June 2009

This Week’s Mixed Media Class


Collage- Japanese ink studies with acrylic, gels and drafting ink on watercolour paper, Michelle Morelan

CIMG8490 CIMG8493

CIMG8495 CIMG8496

Japanese ink, brush and string studies – Michelle Morelan



Also, the instructor introduced me to the work of artist Helen Frankenthaler, who was married to Robert Motherwell. I love her work… these are some pictures I took of the pages of the book.

CIMG8508 CIMG8522

Helen Frankenthaler; - from Helen Frankenthaler -  Prints

Friday 19 June 2009

…a little of that…

a little of what’s been going on lately…

1. Mixed Media Class at Emily Carr this Summer…


Acrylic, Watercolour, Ink and Chalk with Gesso on Watercolour Paper, Michelle Morelan

2. A New Client in Ucluelet

troy process

Process renderings property of Michelle Morelan Design


Where the process starts for me, and a beginner palette…who knows how many times it may change, depending on client, availability and budget.

3. An afternoon in Stanley Park


Need I say more?

4. Spending time Outdoors


My deck is my refuge this summer…I have large white sails from IKEA that protect the deck from full sun.  My maples died over the winter…I am so bummed; I don’t have any idea why.

5. A Trip to Ucluelet


Interior Design by Michelle Morelan Design


Judy’s garden is looking glorious right before the wedding this summer. We purchased these Egyptian gates at an architectural salvage in Coombs. The Wisteria and Clematis are only in their second season!

6. Father’s Day Approaching


  Happy Fathers Day Dad!!


7. Dinner in Maria’s Garden Friday

Kensington Gardens 042_thumb[1]

Photo My Maria Killam; Colour Me Happy

8. Some Eye Candy…

                    livorno mini chandelier with 3 lights quoizel


Livorno Mini Chandelier by Quoizel

9. And a Little Arm Candy…

         givenchy perforated leather frame bag

Givenchy Perforated Leather Frame Bag…YUM