Sunday, 21 June 2009

This Week’s Mixed Media Class


Collage- Japanese ink studies with acrylic, gels and drafting ink on watercolour paper, Michelle Morelan

CIMG8490 CIMG8493

CIMG8495 CIMG8496

Japanese ink, brush and string studies – Michelle Morelan



Also, the instructor introduced me to the work of artist Helen Frankenthaler, who was married to Robert Motherwell. I love her work… these are some pictures I took of the pages of the book.

CIMG8508 CIMG8522

Helen Frankenthaler; - from Helen Frankenthaler -  Prints


Brillante Interiors said...

Your Japanese ink study is stunning, I love the negative space and the dreaming quality of it. I would consider it a finished project.

Stephen Gardner said...

These have such great energy, I'm going to have to look at some Motherwells. I love the commitment these studies show.

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

I too love the Japanese ink study...great composition!

qerat said...

I want the Japanese Ink painting, and I want it now :)

Maria Killam said...

Love the Japanese one! such a fun class you are doing! It's great to see your work, keep us updated!

Michele Dunker Interiors said...

Love the art! It could totally make a killer room!

DesignTies said...

I remember my Mom doing several similar studies/assignments when she was at Emily Carr - she was facinated with the tension that could be created with a simple brush stroke! You've definitely captured wonderful line in your pieces - I especially like the expression created in your ink/brush/string study.
Great work!!
Victoria @ DesignTies