Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Back Deck of the Cabin

outside cabin bathing room

My obsession with small cabins and sheds led me to design this one a few months back. The bathing shed with accordion doors allows you to open up to nature au natural. Ancient Sitka Spruce and cedars provide shade and remind us of our scale. Breezes will push through the breezeway between the main cabin and the bathroom shed through the heart of the space.

Building just enough space for what you need makes sense. A small gem in the middle of the forest or hugging the line of the beach, this could be my dream vacation getaway.


Anonymous said...

michelle, I can't even begin to describe how i feel having recently found this blog and just completed reading THE WHOLE THING!!
I too have decided to persue design in my thirties and you are such an INSPIRATION!
Your renderings compel me to allow myself the indulgence of artistic pursuit.
Sue :0>

pve design said...

Now, that is all I need.
What an idyllic spot.
Will you join me and we can have a day of sketching -filled with serenity. ahhh.

Brillante Interiors said...

Are you sure you need an architect degree? This project looks perfect and the way you describe it makes it even more appealing. Ciao.

Susan S said...

You should absolutely, positively, undeniably market and sell this blueprint!


DesignTies said...

That could be my dream vacation getaway too!! Love everything about it... I assume it's right next to a clear blue lake that's just waiting for us to jump for a swim?? :-)


Unknown said...

That's a cabin???? Looks pretty glam - I'm ready for a mountain getaway...


I totally want a weekend home or seasonal home or cabin to get out in the weekends and chill out - One day!

The rendering is as always AMAZING!

Velvet and Linen said...

This is beautiful, Michelle.
I love how the design fits so naturally in with the setting. If you build it, I will come!!!