Wednesday 30 January 2013

A Soft Place to Land - White Rock Condo

When you move from a large family home of 3500 square feet, to a third of that, and into a condo, it's a huge change. My client Nancy, who's condo was furnished a couple of years ago was missing that third layer, the "stuff", which completes a space.

Here's that last layer; it's a thrill as a designer to get to this spot, to express the original intention. Most of all, it's a thrill to see a client so excited! I find this layer has the most impact of the overall project. Design is in the details, after all. A long trip to get here, and a soft place to land.

photos by Heather Ross, Interior by Michelle Morelan Design


Wednesday 16 January 2013

Wallpaper Installed at the Lake House

It's taking some time, but I found a great Wallpaper installer on the island. It's Sloan Painting and Paper. Michelle was a pleasure to work with, and I will definitely be using her on my next project. The seams are practically invisible, and she has great attention to detail.

Still a few things to do...I'd like to paint a prominently green canvas, that's wall size on the largest wall, and need to install a little shelf somewhere, a fabric blind over the working one, and find a nice little waste basket.

I like the twigs with the concept of the home, and especially like when you walk out of the powder room, and look at the Brent Comber disk in the entry, they tie together nicely.

Have a great week!