Monday 28 September 2009

Ucluelet Skies


“Ucluelet Skies”, Acrylic on Studio Canvas, 24x48, Michelle Morelan 2009

I am on my way to Ucluelet for work, and have been thinking about the coming of the fall season. It is especially evident on the west coast of Vancouver Island, where the temperate rain forest creates misty wet conditions made only for ferns and mushrooms. The skies are kind of eerie, and seem to cry very slow tears.

Note: This piece is done in sepia, browns, whites and umbers with just a touch of blue (Paynes Gray)…the computer image does not reproduce well, showing it on the blue side. Browns are the toughest colour to scan or photograph.


vicki archer said...

A very beautiful painting and I like your description...xv

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Just beautiful. I can totally see that piece hung up in my home. Lovely.

Pam Kersting said...

That is just lovely! You, my friend have been very blessed with your artistic ability! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Renae Moore said...

actually....I see brown and no blue...this is beautiful Michelle, Just love your work Michelle!

red ticking said...

this is simply are soooo talented! glad i found your blog... x pam

Verdigris Vie said...

What a beautiful piece. I can actually for the mist on my skin and I get goose bumps..

Velvet and Linen said...

Another beautiful piece, Michelle. You are an incredible artist!


DesignTies said...

Beautiful!! This painting would look awesome on the wall above the dresser in our bedroom :-)


Lauren said...

oh my gosh Michelle this is just so BEAUTIFUL. I love it. you're so talented. Where do you sell them? online anywhere?

cotedetexas said...

You are so talented! i know I always say that but you aRE!!!!!!
I love this!

Lisa Porter said...

This is gorgeous, really moving. Patricia & now YOU have inspired me to step on to the canvas & play around with acrylics.
Nice to see your wonderful trip to NY too.