Sunday 22 February 2009

6 things about me...

I've been tagged by Maria at Colour Me are six things about Maria's here. Sorry, but I have to tag 6 more of you...can't wait to hear :)

Miki (that's my childhood nick-name) doing my best to win a bubble blowing contest at my friend Marilyn's birthday-1975

0. (so I can get 7 things in) I love a good Murder Mystery Party. I have had several. These pages are from my portfolio to get into my program at Kwantlen; they wanted us to show them something creative, and true to our hearts...of course...mine was a good party!

a. Roman Ruins

b. Last Train From Paris

Sally is a pastry chef, and created this croque-en-bouche!

1. Since I was 10, I can remember wanting to be an Interior Designer. I met one at my friend Leslie-Ann’s and was smitten from that point on. It would be over 25 years, 2 marriages and 2 grown kids later that I would graduate with a Degree in Applied Design from Kwantlen. It was one of the proudest personal moments of my life. It took a long time to reach that goal...almost 30 years.

2. My parents have known each all of their lives, and have been married since they were 19. I feel fortunate for that.

Mom and Dad in Cape Breton, 1976

3. My favorite cities are Amsterdam, Paris and New York. In Amsterdam it’s Vondelpark and biking into the city from Badhoefdorf (near Schipol Airport). Paris; walking the Seine, and eating! New York city; Bryant Park, and taking in a Broadway Show after lunch at Carmines.

Herengracht Canal- Amsterdam

A green living wall in Paris

The Guggenheim- travel photos by me!

4. I’m almost 6’ tall, and I hate it. Don’t try to tell me how great it is; I am in love with heels that I can never wear.

5. Being in business for myself, sometimes I don’t get out of my pajamas all day. It’s something I’m not proud of... but I am always amazed with how much I can get done before 8am. Usual attire: white terry hotel slippers from my husbands travels (I open new ones almost every week to keep them spa clean), and my Jones NY grey thin pinstriped robe with a tank and sweat pants. I am sure the mailman thinks I never get dressed!

6. We lived in Key West for 4 years in a gorgeous renovated Conch House right off Duval St. while my husband did his job training.

Our rented Conch house in Key West

Those little palm flowers would pollinate, and get everywhere, so Brian had to climb up to chop them off a couple of times a year.


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Note: the formatting issues have officially driven me around the bend tonight, and I plan on becoming a google reader user tomorrow.



pve design said...

Such big and happy shoes to fill. I say wear the heals
and enjoy the view! Oh, I love the murder mystery party! Have you ever had a pajama party?
The (barbie mattress) comment today made me giggle.

Things That Inspire said...

Wow - you are tall! I loved learning that about you.

Pretty Lovely said...

I am so excited that I have found your blog. I love to look at renderings and I find that you have such beautiful ones. I was rendering all day yesterday and have prismacolor marker stains all over my hands, I am sure you can relate.

Anci said...


Thank you for your comment on my blog. I became very happy to see a new visitor :)

I think that you are making the most beautiful drawings !! And it was fun reading about your way to be a interior designer ! It gives hope !


Karena said...

Michele, so fun to learn more about our fellow bloggers! I agree with Patricia, wear the heels, and you kow those little kitten and Louie heels would be fabulous! Of course flats are so in right now!

Lauren said...

Thanks Michelle!! :) I'll be working on mine & will post as soon as I'm finished!

Your murder mystery parties look AMAZING!!!! i LOVE theme parties & have always wanted to do one. SO MUCH FUN!!


ps- i just saw another of your renderings on velvet & linen- you're just so talented

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I enjoyed learning a little about you, thanks for sharing.

Maria Killam said...

Awww see how much fun it is when you do this sort of thing. We never would have known about the pajama's otherwise! There are some perks for working for yourself!!!

cotedetexas said...

OK, check out my blog on the left side!!!

cotedetexas said...

me too = front door, sweats.

Nettan said...

Hi Michelle!! How nice to learn a little bit of you!! My parents have been married since my mother was seventeen..they had to write to the swedish king to ask his promition!;-)
I´m so glad that you visit my blog even if i don´t have it translated in to English..the pics i showed is from a shop/gallery i copenhagen!!

Take care/Nettan

Velvet and Linen said...

It is so nice to get to know you better, Michelle.
I love the idea of staying in my pj's all day for work!
Might get a few stares at those job sites!


Michelle said...

I know what you mean definately have to enjoy it!

Thanks Kerena, my husband would probably agree with you on that one !!! :)

Nettan- If I really need to read something on the Swedish Blogs, I get my husband to translante...long story there.

Can't wait to read yours Lauren!

Michelle said...

Thanks are the sweetest in the blogosphere! I wish I would have done a better job now. You have so many beautiufl images to chose from; I'll do you a better one one day! Maybe your house?

Brooke...In lui of a hard hat and steel toed boots, you could just show up in your pj's one day...I'm sure you would get your contractor's attention!!!

My Notting Hill said...

Michelle - Thanks for tagging me. I will post it up after my next two posts on Atlanta. It may take me that long to think of 6 interesting things about myself! You create some of the best interior drawings I've ever seen!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thanks for stopping by and for leading me here! You have a lovely blog and I'm certain Edward and I shall visit often! And you are welcome over at our place anytime you wish!! Happy Tuesday to you!

annechovie said...

Loved your photos and learning more about you, Michelle! Thank you. Also, no I have not painted the Ghost Chair...yet, anyway! ;>)


I had so much fun learning about you.

DesignTies said...

Next time you have a Murder Mystery party, please invite me - I've never been and would LOVE to participate! Okay... now that I've made you my new best friend ;-)... Thanks so much for sharing these 6 interesting things (and photos) with us!

Unknown said...

Well now I am going to call you 'Little Miki' and 'Murder Mystery Gal'....I'm tagged by Maria, so I guess it is my turn to reveal all.

DesignTies said...

Thanks for sharing 6 things about you, Michelle :-) It's fun to learn interesting tidbits about our fellow bloggers :-)

And yes, aren't those silver bubble S&P shakers adorable?! And yeah, YAY Canada!!! I hope those actually go into production one day -- I'll definitely buy a set :-)


christian barnard land studio said...

Great Guggenheim shot Michelle.

Renae Moore said...

Thank you for the glimpse into you life....I enjoyed it. I love hearing where people came from and how their journey got them to where they are today!

ClassyChica said...

You CAN wear heels! I know loads of tall women who wear super high heels and look great! Enjoy your beauty!