Monday 16 February 2009

What's Your Nautical Style?

Bunk Rooms, West Coast Home, by Michelle Morelan Design

Desire to Inspire

Coastal Living, March 2008

Concept for Moorage by Michelle Morelan Design

Desire to Inspire

Thomas Hamel- Sydney

Brian Andriola via Desire to Inspire

From the book, Hideaways- Cabins, Huts and Tree Houses by Sonya Faure. A painter's seaside tree house.

Via Modern Country Blog

Pottery Barn

I'm sorry, I didn't note the source of this image, but have a feeling, it's through one of those amazing Swedish bloggers!

Outdoor Living, West Coast Home by Michelle Morelan Design

Image via Skona Hem
Seaside Bedroom Retreat by Michelle Morelan Design
Phoebe Howard

Steven Gambrel

Set of Message in a Bottle with Kevin Costner, Coastal Living, March/April 1999


DesignTies said...

I really enjoyed looking at all these pictures of nautical spaces. I just love being by the water -- swimming, kayaking, or just sitting on the wharf with my feet in the water.

These pictures really gave me some of that wonderful lakeside/cottage feeling in the wintertime.... thanks Michelle!! :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Maria Killam said...

The asymmetrical contemporary drapes are very cool. I am always looking for new ways to hang drapery. Great post - love it.

Unknown said...

I love anything nautical as it reminds me of the ocean, which I cannot live without. I particularly like the Pottery Barn room. How idilyic to draw the curtains and curl up in bed with a good book with the surf breaking outside the window.

Unknown said...

Now i need a cabin. And a boat. And some of that nice navy ticking fabric. Am all inspired!

Velvet and Linen said...

Wow, these are all great images.
Pottery Barn has certainly come a long way. That draped window seat is fantastic.
Phoebe Howard's room is perfect.
I also love those bunk beds.

Thank you for the inspiration


The bunk beds are so cool - This post reminds me that spring is around the corner

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous post. Loved all those photos. Especially the blue ones...

Ben Bialek said...

Your unidentified Swedish blogger photo comes from a Norwegian furniture company catalogue called Slettvol, and is also my inspiration photo for a beach shack reno I am doing in Gibsons BC.......your other photos were great as well, thanks, Ben Bialek