Tuesday 26 August 2008

Doors of Amsterdam

Patricia Gray posted pictures of beautiful doors she took in Italy. Well, that got me into my sketchbook from 2005, and my first visit to Amsterdam. I did the sketches on a "self study major site tutorial", so I sketched allot.

Why do I love doors? They are the entry to your home, where you greet friends, welcome, say goodbye, walk through for the first time as a couple, bring home a baby or walk back through after a loss. It's the valve into the heart of the home.

Doors in Europe are amazing because every one looks custom. They come in all sizes and colours, show their age as they should, and many times are the only wood feature on the facade of the house.

I especially loved the green one that opens onto a busy old Amsterdam street. The homeowner had planted geraniums that popped against the red brick. They appeared untouched by passing crowds.

Sometimes it's the house numbers in the perfect font and the perfect orientation; sometimes the lanterns, and many times the railings that appear to have 100 layers of paint.

I'm off to Amsterdam in less than two weeks, and this time I don't have to bring my sketchbook...I want to. Thanks to Sooz, my site tutorial instructor who pushed me to sketch everything I saw. I use this skill in my work daily.


Unknown said...

Your sketches are amazing...you could be teaching classes. Have a wonderful time in Amsterdam and I look forward to seeing more of your photos and sketches.

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for visiting Patricia...I think your work is amazing!

I beleive I may have met you once at a L. Poulson lighting event in the Planitarium building...a few years back :)