Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Summer 2011 Update - MMID

1. A family room e-design project:

edesign janette final rendering

janette option e plan 

janette art janette barcelona table janette eames Walnut_Stools janette ikea cowhide janette joh lewis premium cashmere throw peat160647425 janette lee industires leather side chair janette sconce pic janette sidecar sofa janette tomeleo lamp 


Janette’s Family Room – e-design and renderings by Michelle Morelan Design, 2011


2. A recent rendering for a Calgary Interior Designer:


Interior by LeAnne Bunnell of Elle Studio in Calgary

Rendering by Michelle Morelan, 2011

3. Last bath project in Vancouver…should be a reality for my clients by now…(I hope), since I did the design work in the Spring.

bath persp dims


4. Sold over a dozen paintings this Spring, including these (taking custom orders):

CIMG8894 first at the beach mmid ukee skies mmid CIMG8677_thumb[19] Albarosa 2_thumb CIMG8550_thumb[45] clearing skies mmid into 18 by 24 CIMG0695

Thanks Louise, Isabel, Nadia, Karla and Corinne…enjoy!

5. I sold this one to a NYC Designer, spotted by his client on Etsy…Scarlet Rhapsody, 2009, Michelle Morelan

scarlett rhapsody

Also, getting ready for another shoot in White Rock in Aug, having a new website built, and changing my address on everything from business cards to bank statements…we just had a family re-union in Ucluelet, and my 93 year old Nana was visiting from Cape Breton…what a summer!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, and wondering how I can manage my time better, so I am able to put more time into blogging, as I miss the sharing, caring, talented community here. I am also am looking at my to-do list, wondering where I am going to find this time…lol…it’s the move; it’s taken allot out of me, created a large whole home project and has been physically exhausting with the sorting, staging, moving etc…! I owe visits to Patricia at PVE, and Joyce at Canadian Originals…and intend on a long magazine and blog read this weekend to catch up. Don’t you think it’s getting harder to be inside all day, now that the nice weather has arrived?

Happy Summer All!!



Alexandra Rae said...

Love this photo. I just FINALLY did my patio in Ballard Design black and cream stripe. That same fabric! I love the way it's turned out.

pve design said...

My old kitchen was just demolished yesterday - so we are without a real kitchen for now. I have a make-shift area in my dining area. Can you please design some sort of shelf to use during a home renovation?
I wonder if any designer has ever done this?
Love your news and that you sold so many paintings too.

John said...

Congrats on being so busy! I know it sounds trite, but take it one day at a time. You don't have to do everything all at once.

I hope I can find a home for one of your paintings with one of my clients!

PVE Design's comment about her kitchen brought back some memories. When we renovated our kitchen as part of an addition to our house, our temporary kitchen was in the basement by the washing machine and dryer!

Layers and Layers said...

Wow Michelle ... So many positive things going on! Way to go!

Joyce@canadianoriginals.net said...

Hi Michelle,

Nice to see your beautiful paintings selling so well. I've missed hearing what you're up to.

Victoria @ The FAT Paint™ Company and ÉdinHome said...

Changes are stressful, but they're wonderful too! I'm excited about the changes you and your family have made, especially for you ~ and I'm excited to see all the wonderful things that come as a result!!!
Enjoy your summer... and hopefully we'll be over for a visit!

LeAnne Bunnell said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I am so excited to gift your rendering to my clients... I know they will be thrilled!

CREED said...

Oh its good to be busy isn't it!! I'm thrilled you've sold so many of your paintings, I hope that inspires you to produce even more of them!!! Blogging is not about feeling obligated to post for the sake of it,,,,blog when you feel passionate or motivated about sharing something - that is all. Its your own journal to update whenever you chose to write it in, no comittments, no pressure. Your followers will always be there no matter how often you post. Sounds like you're having an eventful summer, hope you continue to enjoy it! C xo

Michelle said...

Sounds great Alexandra...I love a shot of bold...sick of saying it looks good for someone else. I LOVE it too. Actually, this is my old house deck, and I look forward to getting photos of the new home's outdoor spaces, which are proving more difficult to furnish.

Ya, a new kitchen...must talk soon Patricia

Carol...what about a fall trip to NYC to visit Patricia for the day? It was so nice seeing you last trip :)

rowlind said...

good idea

CREED said...

NYC in the fall and a visit to PVE's newly renovated digs sounds fantastic! Let's make plans, I'm sure she won't mind if we 'drop in' ; )