Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Sketch-Up/Hand Rendered Hybrid

I just submitted dwgs to a text on Interior Design Presentation (her 5th edition)…will share it with you when it all comes together over the next year, so it got me thinking about my process, which is different for every design situation. This DR is a good example, and one I use often for final presentations; start with a 3D rendering with a view photo imposed in the background (import your AutoCAD dwg to save time, and use an actual site photo), print 2 copies, then overlay a piece of trace or rag paper to create a line drawing, render with architectural markers, and cut the view out from the spare print, and paste it into the finished rendering.


west coast dining room_mmid 2011

1. print 2 copies of your SketchUp model

west coast dining room line dwg mmid_2011

2. create a line drawing

wc dining room

3. apply colour, texture and shadow

wc dining room 2

4. cut and paste your view


Marge. said...
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Marge. said...

Wow! It looks great!

N. Lamps said...

Not only your ideas are great but your sketches are excellent.