Thursday, 3 June 2010

Camera Dump…June 2010

CIMG1651 CIMG1653

“Three” Acrylic on Canvas, Michelle Morelan, 2010

CIMG1460  CIMG0693

“Upwards 2” , Acrylic on Canvas, Michelle Morelan, 2010, my new Adler vase, and urchin box from Heather Ross in House (Vancouver). The mixed media piece is yet un-named, but one of my favourites, on heavy watercolour paper with a beautiful torn edge. It was created with a discarded mail envelope, paper towel covered in ink from the garbage can, salt, a heavy texturing medium, red printers ink and a red sharpie…yes! red sharpie…mixed media for sure!

CIMG1853 CIMG1875 CIMG1854

Easter Dinner in the Studio this year


Sun seeker Mythretites King of Pontas…taking a nap on my bed when I wasn’t looking.


My boys Jes and Evan heading out to a friends graduation, and Carson in the back…they are Fall Fair Car.

CIMG1955 CIMG1974

A few weeks back, getting the deck and plants ready for the season. I like the way my deck is greying.

CIMG1521 CIMG1553

A corner of my office, and new 18’ draperies at a clients’


The light fantastic!


nannykim said...

Beautiful--all beautiful. I like the guys hats too!


Thanks for opening a window in your everyday life.