Tuesday 29 June 2010

Six Objects de Vie…Vitania of Verdigris Vie

I have been in blogger lust for a while now with the beautiful blog Verdigris Vie. Turns out Vie is a fellow Canadian designer from Ontario, designing wrought iron pieces for her family business which her father started over 30 years ago.  She’s a mom, a designer, business woman, blogger, and has unmistakeable style… I was not surprised that her daily objects reflect all of those things.

Visit Vie here at her blog, and here at Anvil Wrought Iron.

Thanks for being #2 in my series Vie! I love your 6 objects!

vie_final with annotations_6 things


Verdigris Vie said...

Thanks very much Michelle. This is a really fun feature and it looks fabulous.

Linda Merrill said...

Lovely collection - especially the espadrilles!

Brillante Interiors said...

Michelle, I don't know if it is my screen but I am missing a part of these posts on Six Objects...but I enjoyed a lot what I was able to see. Ciao.

qerat said...

I am really liking this new series :)
it is always nice to see what designers like and what they choose to live with.

Albarosa, yes it happened with the first post. Open the image itself and you will see the whole thing.

Charlotta Ward said...

What a fun concept. Loved seeing Vitania's montage. She is a dear friend with a fabulous blog - glad to see her featured.


x Charlotta