Wednesday 14 January 2009

What are you Loving this Week?

After reviewing this post, I have so thoughtfully determined that this song by the Who brings it up a notch :)

Today I am loving...

Sylpce Design/Build in Vancouver. I love when architects design interiors...expensive but well considered.

The renderings of John Gibson
I cannot say enough about this man's talent...see for yourself on his website.

DWR's airstream
My dream way to travel...listen to this...and hit the road! You're mobile!

Also, watch for this pod later this year in Vancouver- I did the ID work under contract...

Large Mick Chair by Bradley- Hughes -Wandrlust - there are others that are equally as cool! Makes me think about what is possible with custom work :)

Keeping in the know about Joanna's wedding plans...her photos are amazing, and they look so happy :) She is wearing a JCrew wedding dress that is so made for her!

Thinking about my trip to Seattle this weekend :)

What are you loving?


Maria Killam said...

I loved that office furniture - fabulous! There's the airstream you mentioned. By the way I couldn't find any really great pictures of the ones you said RL designed. Great post!

Things That Inspire said...

Great post - focusing on the great things in life! My husband made a comment last week that all he ever reads in the news is the bad part of life. That's why I love the design blogs - it's so much of the good, the beautiful, the inspirational!

I am loving flowering quince (thanks for the comment), lanterns, and Chelsea Textiles furniture this week!

Unknown said...

Oh my Gosh.....I am going to Seattle this weekend too!!! Let's get together.

christian barnard land studio said...

I am loving the posh punk rock chair.

Unknown said...

Great Renderings but I like your style better. Thanks for sharing.


Today I am loving your blog - As always you have great entries.

Have fun in Seattle !