Wednesday 21 January 2009

Jackie Blue Home

OMG...I am so touched to see that Jackie and Jackie Blue Home has done a post on my blog...she does amazing drawings, and has published books of her work (take a look at her website and books on her sidebar)...thanks are so sweet!
You will have to come and join us one day in Vancouver...what a treat that would be!


Unknown said...

Michele, I am such a fan of your work and I think it is so inspiring that you are taking time to share with others. I especially loved the post on your rendering process. There are so few of us old schoolers left out there who were taught real fundamental skill, I think it is vital to encourage new designers to learn this important tool of the craft. Thanks for sharing your remarkable talents.

Michelle said...

Thanks Jackie. I gave it much effort at school, because I got sick of explaining things with my hands.

I'm gonna try a room at the White House next...we'll see how it goes.

Maria Killam said...

Congratulations, she wrote a great post on you!!


Congrats Michelle! That is such a great honor and of course is really well deserve.