Monday 26 January 2009

Where's Your Paradise?

I was in Ucluelet this weekend, and have been really excited about Black Rock Resort opening (I talked about it here). BBA Design in Vancouver did the Interiors, and the architect was Vancouver's VIA Architecture. It's managed by Boutique Hotels and Resorts of British Columbia. It's our first resort hotel, and I think it is fabulous.

What BBA has done so well, is kept to the strong wave concept, tying it to the rocks and situation, which is dynamic, straddling a surge canal and with windy western exposures.

The entry, towards the lounge, which it shares a double sided fireplace with. The movement of the curve starts at the approach to the building, and continues into finishes like these great laminated wood curves. The circulation, which creates surprises at every turn also follows a wave.

A simple finished log graces the entry, is really understated, but true to the natural surroundings, where trees fall to the forest floor. It faces the blow hole, past the outdoor balcony and railing of glass.

These stool/chairs in the entry bring the outdoors in, but in a refined manner. I wonder if they are Brent Comber pieces? The stone floor and fireplace are the same colour as the rock outcrop that the resort is perched upon.

I loved this chandelier in green glass planes; it references the kelp forest beds perfectly, and would love to know the source if anyone knows. The light and shadow was cast upon the black slate wall and white ceiling.

The staircase to the bottom floor, the gym, spa, infinity pool and hot tubs. The smooth maple handrail is beautifully contrasted against an unfinished concrete wall.

This view from the lounge is so dynamic! You feel safe from the storm, but connected and part of the energy at the same time.

One of the only things I am unsure about is this wave bar, which I thought I was really going to like. I will wait for the resort to be finished, and reserve my judgement for now.

The view across from the lounge to the restaurant, past the surge canal, or, as we call it the "blow hole"

I bought my sister lunch in the dining room called Fetch, and I snapped a few pictures. Can you believe that walkway that perches you right above the blow hole? I can imagine the noise of the driftwood smashing against the rocks during a fierce storm.

The entry to the DR has a hostess stand that re-enforces the logo of the resort.

I think the white pendants look like sea urchins!

Banquettes are always the most comfortable seating, and the luminaries here are round like fish floats or traps.

My sister Raylene, on the way to the car. We were talking about how much we couldn't believe we were still in our home town. The grand opening isn't until April, but they have a local special for 99 dollars a night right now!

Where is your paradise?



What an incredible place - you can not go wrong when you respect mother nature.

Fargerike Dagny said...

How funny, I just posted about this new Spa Hotel right outside Oslo. :) The Blow Hole looks insane! Would love to have seen it in real life.

pve design said...

Thank you for sharing that fetching spot. Paradise for me is anywhere near the water, however I do love my abode and this part of the world.

qerat said...

I think it is a work of genius.
Loved it
I could only imagine what the scenery would be like in the spring/summer

Maria Killam said...

Wow what an amazing resort! It seems to need more colour but of course I would say that! Thanks for the tour!

christian barnard land studio said...

I will be up that way in February and will be sure to check it out.

Unknown said...

It's looks and you can't beat that natural beauty setting. I can't wait to stay there!! My paradise is anywhere by the ocean so this really qualifies.

Michelle said...

If anyone wants me to try to get the "local" rate for them, let me know :)

Lauren said...

Wow. (That fireplace is amazing too!) Gosh, I think my paradise is a beach house... probably in Hawaii but somewhere secluded...