Sunday 11 January 2009

Seattle Remodel

"Making Light of It"
Ron Rosella and his wife Anna in Seattle; Met Home Jan/Feb/09
Design: Stuart Silk Architects
Photography: John Granen

What is it about this bedroom that appeals to me so much?

I love the linen bed cover, the king size Poltrona Frau Jackie bed by Jean-Marie Massaud, the tension of the Erich Finder Studio's faux-hoofed Wilderness lamps, which the home owner thought was unexpected for a bedroom; and the art, by Isa D'Arleans, which echos the colours of the lamps.

What a place to nap away a grey west coast afternoon...their dog looks like he's waiting to have one. The view to the rain forest beyond keeps us connected to nature, and the open window confirms that connection; I can smell the fresh air.

So maybe then, it's the ode to nature, love of art, linen, all things monochromatic, the low relaxed feel of the bed, which has you at forest floor level, and the non-fussiness of the space.

It's like heaven on me

Side note: I scanned with my new 11"x17 "all in one :)
Thanks mom :)


christian barnard land studio said...

Very cool space, and your right I can smell the fresh air.
The respect shown to the reconnection window and the appreciation for the buildings context really brought this room alive for me.
I also am partial to the work of Jean-Marie Massaud. He is responsible for one of my favourite planters of all time, the "Missed Tree", he designed for Serralunga. You can view this piece on my blog under Top 5 Architectural Planters.

Lauren said...

So relaxing & thoughtful. It does just make you want to lie down on the bed & chill

qerat said...

Beautiful Michelle
I can nap there any time :)
The balance and and serenity are amazing