Wednesday 7 January 2009


I have a thing for the chair...especially wing chairs, which I find to be the big daddy of all chairs.

They were once used to keep warm around a fire, and the drafts away from your shoulders and back. I love the silhouette of a sideway glance of one in the chair. Picture a fine hotel in London, a roaring fire, a black pair of stockings and heels, crossed legs and glancing around to see your man walking towards you, as your face glows of the fire. Oh, and add a glass of a warm liqueur.

They are just so sexy, with their wide shoulders and big arms which you can perfectly position your elbow on to balance your brandy glass. I'm speaking of the chair, of course...pheew...I'm heated.

So many modern versions have hit the market recently, so I thought I would put together a few I am lusting over.

The granddaddy of them all...the Wainscott Chair by Victoria Hagan

Eric Brand Right Band Club Chair-this one is barely a wing, but the small returns on the top hint of wing

Victoria Hagan Emma Small Wing Chair

Victoria Hagan James Wing Chair

Custom or Artistic Frame 2918 through Merchandise Mart or your Design Center

Ralph Lauren Barrel Back Wing

Ralph Lauren Hudson River Valley Wing Chair

Colie and Harris

Ralph Lauren Kerry Chair

Ralph Lauren Irish Coast Wing Chair

Mitchell Gold Perry Chair

Mitchell Gold Sloane Chair

Mitchell Gold Gustave Chair

Mitchell Gold Delia Chair

Mitchell Gold Carter Wing

Mitchell Gold Ashton Wing

Wyland Wing Barclay Butera

River Wing Chair by Stylus; this chair retails for under 1000. cdn dollars...great for lots of budgets
McCartney Chair by John Charles Designs via 2Modern

Hans J Wegner Wing Chair c.1960, but still in production today

Thomas Pheasant Modernne Wing Chair by Baker

Baker Rattan Wing Milling Road

Regina Chair by Poltrona Frau
Laura Kirar Cradle Wing Chair

Baker Milling Road Host Wing

Baker Manor Wing by Bill Sofield


Seth Stevens

This slipcovered monogrammed wing from the Windsor/Smith Home Collection comes via Joni at Cote de Texas.


Maria Killam said...

What a great collection, I have a client that wants wing chairs for her living room and now I don't need to look any further! What a great and thorough post!

Rachel Follett said...

Your too funny. Love this post. So many beauties.
dwellings and decor blog

pve design said...

Quite a range of wings. I could fly anywhere sitting in one of those chairs.

preppyplayer said...

Thank you for saving me search time on google as Iam on the hunt for a classic wing that can be casual.
I am thinking the Wyland or the Mitchell gold gustav in ticking or a broad stripe.

qerat said...

and now you got me confused Michelle. Which one do I like more, they are all beautiful designs I really like the Mitchell Gold Ashton Wing & the McCartney Chair & the Hans J Wegner & the Laura Kirar and..... :)

Lauren said...

Oh what an aweseome post!!!!! Will have to bookmark it for referencing. I have been craving Thomas Pheasan't Modern Wingchair for a couple of years now.

trendoffice said...

It's so rare to find such inspired words for...chairs! I like it!

Unknown said...

What a great round up of Wing Back chairs. Of course I am partial to the Regina Chair. Great post!!

Fargerike Dagny said...

I really like your blog, it's so interesting and different. Will definitly add you to my roll. And that winged chair through Merchandise Mart is just stunning!

Thank you for your comment on Beautiful Living! :)

Alkemie said...

Great line up on Wing Chairs! They're classic :)

home before dark said...

I'm a survivor in the battle to find the perfect wing chair for me (5'5") and my husband (6'5") that was smallish in scale, firm seated, not down (allergic) and able to go upstairs, past a narrow turn and inside a 30" wide door. My husband refused to buy a chair he didn't "test drive" and that narrowed the search a bit. We finally ended up with Hancock & Moore's editor chair in leather. The craftsmandship is lovely.


Love those chairs,great inspirations

Things That Inspire said...

I missed this post first time around! I went to the design center today, and sat in the Victoria Hagan Wainscott chair as well as the Lewis Mittman wing chair, and it was divine - I know this sounds weird, but it felt like being hugged when I was in the chairs, their wings surrounded me and it felt to cozy!

Things That Inspire said...

Typo - felt SO cozy.