Wednesday 21 January 2009

Mrs. Robinson Goes to Washington

The Queen's Sitting Room
renderings by Michelle Morelan

There has been so much talk about the election, and I have been so warmed by the images of this beautiful young family moving into the White House. I didn't know until recently that Michelle's mother, Mrs. Robinson, is moving in as well. She is there to take care of her grand kids- what a great family!

Here is my idea for her sitting room, off the Queens bedroom. It's a cute little space in the corner of the building with two windows and a fireplace. A great place for the kids to gather, grandma to grab a book, have mother/daughter chats, and a place to escape all the chaos.

As an Interior Designer, I started with research...looking at the history of the spaces, heritage fabrics and furnishings, opening up a can of worms that would take months to sort through, then START designing from; so this design does not consider the research and history that is involved in a project like this!

Good luck to Michael Smith; and I can't wait to see what you come up with! I read on Wickapedia that there is a whole storage "shed" full of antiques and art from renovations through the years. Can you imagine walking through there, and getting to chose from these items? It's more than that though...each piece has meaning and respect must be paid to the histories and the stories they represent.

The mirror over the fireplace is original to the room, and the seamless door style as well, but the remainder of the space is changed...with all due respect :)

The Queens sitting room is in blue, on the 2nd floor of the White House; the residential floor

The room now...I could work with the carpet, and possibly the chest...everything else must go!

rendering by Michelle Morelan


My Notting Hill said...

Incredible rendering!!

pve design said...

What a wonderful rendering. Love the updates, that built in, those chairs, that sofa - all fit for a Queen or for a Mother. Yes, what a wonderful opportunity to share life with. What a tribute to Michelle and to her Mother.


Michelle, I have rendering envy (lol) The other day I saw a TV special about the White House. Basically the whole interiors got rebuilt and redesign in the 1940's. I am glad you are bringing new life to a very gloomy room.

Unknown said...

I'd love, love, love to walk thru the White House storage shed. Your renderings are fabulous!!

Lauren said...

Your renderings are amazing!! Loev fantasy design posts like these. Great ideas & it would be beautiful!!

Fargerike Dagny said...

Your renderings are really amazing. Would have loved to have one of them on my wall ;) Are they available anywhere?