Friday 16 January 2009

Sleepless in Seattle

Checking in; I loved the laminated red glass and cabinets. And the lighting...yup!
Doesn't Nancy's hat look good on her...they both use accessories well !!

Maria, at Colour me Happy, so graciously invited me to Seattle with Nancy of Urban Aesthetics last week, and we had a great overnight trip. It's nice to have some designer girls to talk design with, do some networking, meet some new people, and to join at functions.

All day today, we were at a seminar put on by the Seattle Design Center focused on the changes in the interior design field by Mary Knackstedt, who has written one of my favorite reference books ever...The Interior Design Business Handbook (see my sidebar)...I didn't realize this, until I saw it on the table for sale! The book contains forms, including worksheets and a contract that I couldn't have done without.

Mary and I are not of the same stature...she is very petite! (and obviously gracious).

I also bought her new book, The Challenge of Interior Design, which she told me is more personal and philosophical. She has been in business over 30 years, and is Founder and President of Knackstedt, Inc. She is a seminar leader, and business consultant for Interior Design Firms.

Her presentation style is relaxed and well read, with a confident cadence. A few things I got from her presentation were:

  • Do your best work possible...always!
  • It's not cost , it's an investment (we have known that for years)
  • 20% of the time, try new things; the other 80% is do what you know in order to keep the hours reasonable on a project
  • I really wanted to ask a question about work and the economy, but have noticed for a few months, the most well read and intelligent people I know have been showing their disgust at the media when it comes to this issue; so, when someone asked (of course), she said the same thing. So...I am no longer talking about, thinking about or giving any energy to this obsession the media has with scaring the SHIT out of us...
We spent the first day shopping at the outlet malls where I bought a great pair of boots from Nine West, and some Michael Kors shirts, for 44, and 100 dollars- thank you very much! Thanks to great navigating skills by Nancy and great girly chit chat, before we knew it, we were at the Hotel Max in downtown Seattle. We did some shopping at Nordstom's and had some wine and was a bit chilly though!

The colours of the upholstery in orange, blue, and greys, with dark grey walls had a very "W" look. Great lighting!

The doors to the rooms with large b&w graphics; there were also eye charts at the end of each hallway!

The beautiful ceilings in the lobby with a Greek key and egg and dart pattern, show respect for the original architecture, and felt very Italian.

We were a few blocks away from Nordstrom's, and some great restaurants...way to go with the planning there Nancy! Nice choice!

Nancy and Maria at Red Fin; the hotel restaurant...can you believe that we all don't eat meat? That has never happened! So chic aren't they? Nancy is wearing a new shirt from Michael Kors.

Thanks you guys...nice to have spent some time with the both of you!
Tomorrow I will fill you in on the great eye candy I spotted at the Seattle Design Center!
By the time I went to bed tonight, Maria had done a post...we are so funny about this blogging thing. She beat me to it :)


Unknown said...

I like your points on the presentation. Sounds like it was an interesting seminar. If all you took away was not to focus on the negative energy perpetuated by the media that is a bonus!! The Hotel Max looks like a great place to stay and of course being walking distance to Nordstroms makes it tops in my book. Wish I could have been there with you!!

Maria Killam said...

I know we are funny aren't we! The only reason I beat your post was because I just did a little baby one last night :) Your wrap on the seminar was great and you got the best photo of Mary that's for sure and you look beautiful as well darling :)
Had a lovely time with you and Nancy both!

annechovie said...

Looks like lots of fun! Thanks for your comment - yes, I feel very blessed to live in such a great climate, but I hear Vancouver is gorgeous, too!

pve design said...

Wonderful post, wishing I were there, (only thing is, I eat red meat, not that often) I have great respect for you non-meat eating design divas!

Michelle said...

Just having you there would have been such a pleasure Patricia, and Patrica...LOL.


That sound like a fun trip ! Thanks for the inside in the seminar and the new book.

qerat said...

Sounds like a fun trip
I really like the doors

Nancy DeVries/ Urban Aesthetics said...

What a fun time we had and your post sure does show that!
I liked your comments on the seminar - you were paying attention! lol.
And just to say it again, I liked that you mentioned what we heard about the negative media attention to the financial situation. Maybe we could send that info to our US border guard. :)

Lauren said...

What a fun trip!! That must just be so nice for you all to see each other!!