Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Going Mobile

Designers consider all the surfaces of a space, but sometimes overlook the volume. These mobiles and pendants fill that space beautifully!

The Blue Fin Restaurant at the W Times Square- look at these great little pieces of driftwood, hung like a school of fish...genius. The wall is by Surface Interiors, interior design by Yabu Pushellberg. My sister and I stayed there a few years back, and ate several times here. The great part is, as a guest, you get access into Randy Gerber’s Whiskey Bar downstairs.

Quiver by Mobile Factory-  they make custom mobiles as well.

 Mobile Factory- a great modern piece for that mix we love today, and being white, it doesn’t demand too much attention.

adrift mobiles com
Adrift Mobiles- so understated, I love the neutral tones, and they come in so many configurations- I think these are my favourites!

Add some pendant lighting! Meridian Pendants from Propeller Design- BBA sourced these for the Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet.

Propeller Design designed this Pomegranate chandelier- which I was wondering about  when I saw it in the lobby of the Black Rock. It’s really large! The one they used in Ucluelet was shades of green and 48 inches square .

flicker mobile

This gorgeous mobile by Frith mobiles looks like it belongs in this setting- in a modern house on the coast of Mexico

columbus300 the hanging mobile factory

The Columbus by Flensted- made of wood boats and paper sails.

The Flow by Steve De Spirito; available at the Hanging Mobile Factory

japanese maple 54 wide hang mobile gallery

Japanese Maple available at the Hanging Mobile Factory

fling of copperand stainless 40 tall 18 wide by Ekko

Fling in Copper and SS by the Hanging Mobile Factory- 40 inches tall

ginkgo Biloba Moon lily Ginkgo 42 wide hmob factory

Gingko Biloba by Moon Lily -available at the Hanging Mobile Factory

horse300 the hanging mobile facotry

Horse Mobile by the Hanging Mobile Factory- made of coloured plastic shapes.

camber_wal_h400 the hanging mobile facorty

Camber by Adrift -natural bamboo with a walnut finish, steel swivels, and clear monofilament lines. Finished with non-toxic natural oils. Hangs 30" tall by 40" wide.

 Collett & Zarzycki (3)

London-based design firm Collett ~ Zarzycki via Studio Annetta

Van Der Straeton 1 

Designer Hervé van der Straeton via Studio Annetta


Interior by Scott Salvador- the Kipps Bay Showhouse

photo by scott frances arch digest calder rose Tarlow

Interior by Rose Tarlow, photos by Scott Frances, Architectural Digest



And lastly, look how Jeffrey Billhuber fills that space…with a Pirate ship…of course!


And- half of a tree in a vase! (I am really into him right now, since purchasing his book Luxury).


image image

These last three are by artist Ken Gangbar. Ivan at Meade Deign Group let me know about this talented man; aren’t these amazing…I know, the last one is wall sculpture, but who’s keeping track :)



I love mobiles and if you love mobiles you need to check the work of Ken Gangbar from Toronto.

I had opportunity to meet him 2 years ago and since then I have been wanting to use some of his pieces in any of my projects.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Mobiles add a great sense of drama and movement to an otherwise stagnant space. Love it.

Fargerike Dagny said...

You chose some beautiful ones! Great inspirational post! Thanks! :)

unigami said...

Thank you for featuring The Mobile Factory in your blog!

Anonymous said...

I tend to dislike mobiles, but I love almost all of those that you featured. I also have a great appreciation for the pirate ship chandelier! That is a fabulous find! Thanks for another great posting.

Kelly said...
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DesignTies said...

Whoops, that's my deleted comment above -- I realized after I posted it that I wasn't signed in as DesignTies.

Here's my comment again...

Holy Smokes!!!! I want a mobile now!!!! Who needs a light in the front entry -- I want that bubble mobile in the second-to-last picture!!! 8-)

All those mobiles are fantastic. I especially like the black mobiles in the white rooms -- they have such amazing presence.

I recently discovered Jeffrey Bilhuber through some of the blogs I read -- I love his style. I'll have to check out his book that you mentioned.


Unknown said...

I absolutely adore mobiles and your post has inspired me. Great round up of photos Michelle!!!
Look forward to seeing you tonight.

Maria Killam said...

Thank you for this great post! Gives me an idea for a space I'm currently working on. Love it, Love it, Love it!


Michelle! Thank you very much for the mention.

old world sunflower said...

Which one to choose, love them all, this is certainly far different the mobiles I made as a child!!! Have a wonderful day.

Velvet and Linen said...

I have never used a mobile in any of my designs, and now I am wondering why not! The first image is a work of art!
Thank you for the inspiration, Michelle.
Have a great weekend.


annechovie said...

Very cool, Michelle! I love that grooved wall at the W, too.

qerat said...

this must be among the best posts :)
Loved it

DesignTies said...

I think you've sold us all on the use of mobiles in design!

Renae Moore said...

That is so interesting...not something I would have ever thought of. Beautiful though!

I am adding your renderings of Brooke's entry and Joni's LR to my sidebar....hope you don't mind!

Steve DeSpirito said...

Nice Blog, thanks for posting one of my works "The Flow" in wood. I enjoy making mobiles and really liked seeing some of your other finds! If anyone has an interest in commissioning a custom hanging mobile, please feel free to email me at

Steve DeSpirito