Friday, 20 March 2009




Jessica and I on our graduation day- 2006

My friend Jessica just learned she has been accepted into the Masters of Architecture Program at UBC!!!!!!!!! It was a long process, but she took it head on, with no fear, in her usual style.


Jessica is a World Traveller, Photographer, Interior Designer and soon to be Architect…what a great mix. She is one of those friends you can call up and say meet me at the airport- we’re going to Taliesin West for the weekend, and she’s there- yup, we’ve done that! Some of you have asked if I travel a lot with my husband, and I have, but the best part about travel benefits is sharing them with your friends :)

   DSC00917 DSC00944

At Taliesin West, 2002


Scottsdale, 2002 (I believe this is the Inn at Camelback Mt. (Four Seasons) -right before we went 4 wheelin’ in the rental car to see some gorgeous mansions like these:



She has spent a couple of months in Egypt, and driven through southern Italy (with a handsome man in a black convertible BMW no less), among many things. She is an example of how we should push ourselves to experience life, and she “gets it” in her mid twenties…wish I would have!

I knew she would get in! You deserve it Jess- you are a talented, strong woman, mature beyond your years. I am happy to call you my friend…now how long before you can stamp my drawings?  :)



Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

That's awesome!! By the way your renderings are amazing!!!!!!!!!

DesignTies said...

Just one more wonderful life-success for your friend - with many more to come, I'm sure!!

Renae Moore said...

To have a good friend is truly a treasure! Congrats to yours!

Michelle said...

So true Renae :)

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Great post! Thanks for visiting mine while I was away!

Maria Killam said...

To know what you want to do in life that early! It's really good thing.