Friday, 20 March 2009

Original Oils

CIMG7559 CIMG7553CIMG7563

  How fun to get out the paints again…very relaxing!

This is one of two canvases I am working on at the moment- it’s 30”x48’. What way would you hang it?


DesignTies said...

LOVE it Michelle!

Mrs B said...

Hi Michelle
This is exactly my style of painting...Love it! In my house, I would hang it like in the first picture so the lines are horizontal.
Mrs B

Unknown said...

Michelle I love it!!!!
I guess where it is going to be hung would determine if it was hung vertical or horizontal. How nice to have the option.

Brillante Interiors said...

Great work.
I can see a forest when it is horizontal, more abstract vertically. Both ways very interesting.

DesignTies said...

I bet you had a lot of fun creating that painting :-) I think I would hang it vertically. But like Patricia said, it would really depend on where you hang it.

Thanks for your comment about the fabrics for my "virtual" chairs. All the fabrics from Designer Fabrics should still be available. They remove samples from their web site when there's about 10 yards of a fabric left.

I love the Barbara Barry fabrics, but I'm afraid to see how much they cost!!


Anonymous said...

Very great piece! I like it most with the lines going horizontal, like Brilliant Home Decor said, it looks like an abstract forest, or perhaps even a glimpse out the window of the car on a roadtrip. It's very comforting in that perspective.

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Nice work. It reminds me of goopy ice cream flavours running together (which is a good thing for me...I love ice cream).
I'd hang it vertically (like the top photo)if it were mine.



We need to do an art exhibition together as blogger designer artist combo. Love your style!

Unknown said...

I love the vertical hang - it seems to resonate more as a piece of art. Well done!

Maria Killam said...

Beautiful! I like it horizontal.