Saturday, 7 March 2009

Tadao Ando, Jason Mraz and Dancing Alone

Tadao Ando's Church of the Light


I am not religious, but more spiritual. Recently, when I listened to Jason Mraz's song Live High, I realized how design and music (and art, and architecture) can inspire, dictate behaviour, make you raise your hands up, and do things that you would not normally do.

 I know this because, I found myself dancing to the song in my living room, alone. That's power.
Live High, Live Mighty, Live Righteously...(J.Mraz)


DesignTies said...

Isn't it fun to just let loose and "dance like there's nobody watching" :-)

Happy dancing!!


Michelle said...

don't know if i like the google reader thing...this post was also difficult to format...any suggestions? anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle,

I am always finding myself inspired by the art, architecture, design, etc. of daily life - and I think that that catching moment is the easiest way to separate design from decor. Thank you for your ever inspirational designs.
from one Michelle to another

Maria Killam said...

What's google reader?

Anyways, that is an amazing image you found!

Anonymous said...

beautiful image. and i totally agree - music, art, etc. can inspire some of the best worship!


I have always a song that I use to inspire me. I totally believe in the combo music/design. I would love to dance one day with you Michelle :)