Monday 23 March 2009

Chocolate Laundry


 Rendering and Design  by Michelle Morelan, Interior Designer, BID

Such a great marketing ploy that Miele has come up with.

Patricia Gray wrote about receiving a beautiful box of chocolates at her studio, from Miele, promoting their new Limited Edition Chocolate Laundry. Is the colour brown coming back into vogue? In a less seventies kind of way? Check out this posting on Style at Home as well.

If you look to nature, and the tones that we feel comfortable with- the greens, blues, browns and greys of a forest  why not make  German engineered beauties like this in dark brown?


Miele claims that their machines reduce fabric strain, making clothes last longer, but also gets them cleaner. Well, hopefully they get out chocolate! 

miele laundry yellow and brown cropped_march 24 09 Rendering and Design  by Michelle Morelan, Interior Designer, BID

I was in for some SketchUp training, so here is my idea of the perfect chocolate laundry with a deep SS sink and countertop, great modern faucets, a graphic linoleum floor, high gloss yellow millwork, a large folding table, a TV and plenty of storage for your steamer, vacuum, ironing board and sewing supplies- thanks Miele!


Unknown said...

How creative of you to integrate the laundry into the kitchen. That is the European concept and it is so practical. Your renderings are so beautiful!!

Unknown said...

I'd eat that rendering for dessert! It's gorgeous

DesignTies said...

A truly decadant laundry & sewing area! I'd do laundry in this space, Michelle!! And I'd die for a sewing-work table like that!! Ahh... from your drawing to my basement!

Brillante Interiors said...

What a gorgeous Laundry Room. Stainless counters will be perfect too. I am glad I don't have the space for it or I will spend all my time there.
(In my dreams for now)

Maria Killam said...

Great title you picked to go along with your beautiful drawings!

Renae Moore said...

Can you imagine what one could get done without much interruption if this laundry had one end as an office? This is fabulous Michelle!

Velvet and Linen said...

I secretly love doing laundry, so I don't think I would ever leave this beautiful room.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow I love brown. It's my favorite color. I would love them along with some chocolate!