Tuesday 21 April 2009


I have a few obsessions I have shared with you…including the one for tulips. I love the spring here in Vancouver; there aren’t many bugs (wasps in August and September keep me inside), and the landscape is still green. Most of all, I love April and May for the flowers. Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Cherry Blossoms and early trailing Roses are Spring’s great show here, and I love it.  In Victoria, it was the Sedums at Mt. Doug, Arbutus and Garry Oaks.

It’s just starting to rain cherry blossoms here, and I love driving down the side streets of Shaughnessy, letting them rain on me, leaving a fishtail of pink behind my car.

Here is some tulip love around my house…


Living Room


Front door (bulbs from Amsterdam last fall)



Backyard deck…also from Amsterdam last year


Ok, not tulips, but these delicate little roses look so lovely in this urn on the back deck.


DesignTies said...

Oh Michelle, I'm a tulip fan, too! And daffodils and cherry blossoms and magnolia tree flowers... and... well... all spring flowers!! I also get itchy eyes and sneezy. But that's okay!! :-)

Pretty Lovely said...

I am not a huge tulip fan but this post did make me go out and purchase some... Thanks for the inspiration.


Sam @Pretty Lovely

Renae Moore said...

I adore tulips....they, hydrangeas and sunflowers are my favorite! I have some Iris that are on the cusp of blooming...will take pictures!


Are these the bulbs you brought back from the Netherlands?

The pale yellow are amazing!

Maria Killam said...

I just adore tulips as well!! I have missed the tulip festival this year (which I love) oh well. . .

Lisa Porter said...

I have never thought of putting roses in a container. Had some baby roses struggling last year, maybe i will move them to their own little home on the patio.
Oh, and the tulips from Amsterdam...incredible.
Have a great day.

qerat said...

and they deserve to be loved
even the roses are beautiful

Brillante Interiors said...

Not to mention the huge (I mean huge) gorgeous bouquet of creamy yellow tulips you brought to my house. Lucky me!

Things That Inspire said...

I was in NYC last weekend, and walked through a flower fair one morning. It was amazing - flowering branches for sale everywhere, and tulips - oh, the tulips - in every shade and variety you can imagine! I was so tempted to buy a bunch even though I was staying in a hotel and had no vase!