Monday 27 April 2009

Around the House

My house was built in 1977, and is a split level. We bought it because it reminded me of the Brady Bunch, and had no crazy renovations.  We probably won’t; it’s the crazy market here…we are on a corner lot, and I have a feeling this lot, and others around it, will eventually be bought, re-zoned and developed into multi family.

Remember; 3 men also live here, and it’s an ongoing struggle to keep order :) Excuse the quality of the photographs!


There’s  an eclectic mix around my house, but each item tells a story. The Buddha is from Brian’s grandfather’s estate, as is the art deco clock, which he remembers as a child.


I like bar stuff…old decanters and such. If I drink, I like Chambord and Champagne or a nice cold gin and tonic. I bought the old bar cart in Key West at auction.


I have lots of framed pictures, and have grouped them along both sides of my hallway and stairs. Many are framed art from my kids over the years, some are photographs of our travels. I need new lighting here.


I love these little glazed china flowers from an old French chandelier-  I bought them at the Paris flea market last year.


Lots of interior design texts, boxes from Africa, a selection of drawing pens, a photo of the Paris flower market and a postcard and my favourite piece of art; Gerard Ter Borch’s painting of Helena van der Schalcke. I stare at it for hours at the Rijksmuseum.


Wooden block prints from the Amsterdam Cypmarket.


I love my jM lamp, and keep a collection of drafting and drawing tools close by. (This was taken a few months ago-I have moved this stuff around)


The framed prints are from Amsterdam- one of Moorish designs, and the other of wood veneers, but the best part is, they are in Dutch. The magazines…well you all understand the obsession.


I have lots of smalls, which I group together on a tray on Brian’s grandfather’s phonograph. There is my husband’s award for landing a plane in extreme circumstances, many handmade items like flowers, clay cups and gifts from my kids over the years; including a plaque that reads “live like there’s a heaven on earth”.

There are Limoges boxes, an old native basket made by a friend of my mom’s in Ucluelet from the 70’s, a fertility goddess, and a plane ornament given to my husband from his friend Charlie McCallister. Charlie was in his mid nineties when he died, and my husband used to go to his airfield in Yakima, Wash. in the eighties to tinker on engines with him. It’s quite a story, because Charlie was from South Carolina, and his pilot’s licence was signed by one of the Wright Bros.


This is funky and functional for me…wherever my husband is, I know what time it is there. Vancouver, NY, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong.


Down into the Dining Room, where I keep most of my ID books, and use as overflow studio space. The throw on the back of the chair is a gift from my husband from Cairo.


My bedroom has a reproduction of a very old map of Paris on the wall behind the bed. The mirror ball lamps are from Pier 1- I bought years ago, and the architectural prints and leather bag are from the Paris flea market. The king size Hudson’s Bay blanket was my Christmas gift. The bamboo side tables are from auction in Victoria, and I have painted them black. Tulips- nuf said there…we all love tulips.


The backyard is somewhere I love to hang out; except for all of the hauling of cushions I do in here Vancouver. I love it out here in the summer, especially after dark, when I light lots of lanterns and votives.


I love nature inspired and lodge anything…and this cast iron moose from Farmhouse is one of my favourite things- it also supports a saucer size clematis.

Now show me yours!!


Maria Killam said...

That was so fun to see. . . hmmm. . . I'm not sure if I'll take you up on the same challenge, how can i show my drapery, and carpeting from my rental, it takes up so much visual space!!


I have the same mercury lamps in my living room (lol) I guess we have an eye for great pieces.

DesignTies said...

It's wonderful to see your space and the things that surround you that obviously mean so much to you and your family - thank you for the trip!

I wish I could take up on the challenge to share my place and the things I love... fact is that most (all?!) of my special things are still (after over a year) in boxes in the attic. Help! Haha!


cotedetexas said...

so much to love - the clocks, the map behind the bed, the blanket, the dining room - what a fabulous style.

Brillante Interiors said...

Such a personal house, my favourite type, where every single piece has a story to tell.
The image of the lamp with your tools is also a great photograph.