Thursday 9 April 2009


DSC09532 Teraq jordan river foundation robe DSC02496

I am loving these pieces from the Jordan River Foundation, and amazing designer Tareq of the Blog Qerat. The foundation respects and gives opportunity to support women and their families. Feels even better to own an item like this…knowing that it was made with love and gratitude. If items have energy, these blankets and robes will wrap you in goodness- very stylish goodness.

After looking at this post on Blogger, I was struck by the fact that these colours so reflect the landscape of that part of the world.

First picture: Handicrafts

Second picuture: Qurat


qerat said...

WOW Michelle
Thank you so much for this beautiful post.
Great surprise on a beautiful weekend.
JRF is a project that made me feel proud as a person and a designer to be part of it. I am happy that they get the recognition they deserve because they are simply amazing. I hope that my new collection for this year will bring more good energies to the work already infused with the will and power of these women.

DesignTies said...

Love the shimmery cushions, and the blankets with the graphics designs.

Thanks for letting us know about the Jordan River Foundation :-)


Brillante Interiors said...

Michelle, I don't see a Subscribe by Email would be nice to receive your new Posts regularly.


Tareq is really talented. I am sure the world is going to recognize his work really soon. Plus he is actually an amazing friend so we have to support him even more.

Maysoon said...

Thanks Michelle for shedding the light on a very interesting project that I enjoyed working on so much with Tareq and the rest of the team. We're excited about this year's collection and we hope it gets even more exposure once the items are available for sale on-line through JRF's Website.

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle
I like how you refer to 'items having energy'. I think that is so have hit the nail on the head so to speak. This project honors women who work to support their families, and they put a lot of love and positive energy into their handiwork. I think that it is such a worthy endeavour and I hope that we will get to meet Tareq one day.

Maria Killam said...

Love those earthy colours!

Unknown said...

Hi explain the thing which I believe in...Art is Art..From East or West..This what I also found with Tareq(qerat)stylish..Its made by love,gratitude and goodness.The colour explains what the art means to him..It is nice to see these things expressed by his part of this world. N.Malhas