Tuesday 7 April 2009

A Day in the City

It’s a gorgeous day in Vancouver, and I’m off to shop downtown. I dislike traffic soooo much, and try to time every drive around rush hour, since I live a half hour out of the downtown area.

I woke to see my cat snuggled in the sheepskin rug I had on the chair. He looked so comfy, and without worry…it’s the good life for sure.


At Pottery Barn, I came across these pillows on sale…love the colour palette..they are called Bettina; regular price is $58- now $24 .

CIMG7652  CIMG7656

Also, PB…really liking those rusts and burnt orange colours!


Great seaside vignette in browns, sands and creams with whites. I love seashells…so this is so lovely.



This great Drake wing chair at Restoration Hardware would be my favourite seat in the house!


The Crystal Ball Collection at RH is also very nice, and this chandelier bridges the gap between modern glamour and history…love the detailing of the drop crystal…it has smaller round crystals on the drop as well. 


The Rawlins table ($899) would make a great entry or corner table, and the Folding Tray Table ($119), is a perfect size for a drink and a book. Like a little piece of jewellery.  -both from PB


The Tripod lamp from Pottery barn is very architectural. I love the scale of it, and you can chose different shade colours. 


At a very long red light on Main St. I had time to take this shot of Vancouver’s mountains. What a beautiful day to be out and about.


No joking…this is what my desk looks like right now…I can’t believe I am sharing it with you, but yes, my life is a mess, and tonight I am making an attempt at order.  Do you ever feel like this? Like your purse, your house and your car are costing you time?

Best to you…



Brillante Interiors said...

Yes, finally we have spring in the air, warm weather, sunshine, flowers and buds ready to open.
It is a joy to walk and browse and I particularly like the pillows with corals.
Your desk looks great to me, nice lamp!

DesignTies said...

I'm so envious of all the great home decor stores you have in Vancouver. And your great mountain views too!!

Your kitty looks cozy and happy :-)



I felt like I went shopping with a great friend who like what I like. I love the natural light in your desk - about the mess designers are trained not to see the mess (lol)

Maria Killam said...

You should see my car, I have completely given up on keeping it in order, it's an ongoing space for client purchases coming in and going out!

It's so nice to feel the warm weather!!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

First, kitty is totally adorable.

Second, I love that Bettina pattern from PB. I was actually contemplating buying that pillow yesterday.

3rd, I love seeing your office. I'm dying to know what fun things are in the bookcases. Looks like lots of great magazines full of inspiration.

annechovie said...

Michelle, It's really fun to see a little peek inside your world! Loved this post.

Velvet and Linen said...

I feel so much closer to you now that I have seen your desk! It looks just like mine, nice and lived in!


qerat said...

Seems like a lovely day out Michelle, love the pieces you chose to share with us. AND i have to thank Ivan about his comment "designers are trained not to see mess" !!!! I already feel better :)

Renae Moore said...

Thanks for sharing your day Michelle! So they have PB in Canada? Who knew? Love that chair from Restoration Hardware (that too in Canada!)..we could take turns! :>)