Thursday 30 April 2009

My Virtual City Apartment

 09_De-Kooning_Untitledliam_sf_TOP babylon table lam[ usonacibic sideboard usonaresin platter red martha sturdyresin boxes martha sturdy  

           jonathan_round_gold oly              sienna_chair olyt


oliver_ottoman oly


         cooper_drum_lamp oly                                                    fornasetti_bowl_310_1954 -wall plate


DT20MAS Basket masara collection qeratmaude_chair oly


                                        PRC807AQ fl cube


             michael-chair oly                                 fornasetti fiflesso cole and son


maison sideboard 

1. Art: Willem de Kooning

2. Sofa: Liam by Mitchell Gold

3. Table Lamps: Babylon by Usona

4. Sideboard: Cibic by Usona

5. Resin Boxes and Platter: Martha Sturdy, Vancouver

6. Side table: Jonathan round table in gold by Oly

7. Yellow leather chairs: Sienna by Oly

8. Ottoman: Oliver by Oly

9. Chandelier: Fireworks via RL lights

10. Shade: Copper drum shade by Oly

11. Plate: Fornasetti

12. Dining Table: Basket (the Masara Collection) by Qerat

13. Dining chairs: Maude by Oly

14. Bed: Cube by Ralph Lauren 

15. Tub Chair: Michael Chair by Oly 

16. Wallpaper: Fornasetti by Cole and Sons

17. Sideboard: Maison by Usona

I know, the pieces don’t necessarily jive, but I love an eclectic mix :) In the city, you can have fun!


Unknown said...

I love all these pieces. I think that this mix could work well anywhere. Fun is where you find it!

Maria Killam said...

I love everything you've picked!!

Pretty Lovely said...

Love the chandelier. You have truly great taste.


Sam @PrettyLovely

DesignTies said...

I love everything, especially the art work, the sofa and the credenza! Oh... and the chandy is very special!

DesignTies said...

I forgot to say... now you have to do a rendering (or 3!) of your virtual city apartment with all these lovely furnishings!! :-)

qerat said...

I love no I LOVE all the pieces you chose.
What fun it would be to mix all these pieces in one place. The basket would look great with the last sideboard.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.... LOVE the sofa - tailored and elegant yet cushy and soft, LOVE the chair - I'll take it all! Great choices!

Velvet and Linen said...

Great selection, MIchelle.
I really like that bed and the chandelier.
Maybe instead of re-decorating my home, I should just do it virtually. It certainly would be cheaper, and I could change it up anytime I wanted to!
Happy weekend.


Brillante Interiors said...

This is fun, maybe we should all create a list and a puzzle where the pieces fit together, it would be like a game...moving pieces and have them fit properly into the space (I know it sounds like our job but it can be fun to play)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh love that zebra:-)

Beaman the Interiors Chap said...

I love the Fornasetti wallpaper by Cole & Sons. It would definitely go well with the sideboard and furniture you've picked out.

Nice touch with the red platter and flowers will will inject that bit of rich colour into the interior.

I have to gasp however at the zebra design Ottoman. All great apart from that.

Super idea for a blog post, might try something similar myself on my own Interior Design site.

Michelle said...

So funny Beaman; I took that out several times, because of the turned legs. I think it would be better in a metal modern box frame.

Thanks for your comments everyone.

DesignTies said...

Ooooh, so many pretty pieces!! My faves are the blue sofa (great nailhead trim detail), the first sideboard (great wood grain), the yellow chair, and the zebra bench.

I think you can have fun with decorating anywhere, not just in the city :-) If you love a piece, you should put it in your house regardless of whether or not it "goes" with everything else :-)



The table from Tareq - Qerat - I love that piece particularly - It was even in my eye candies and all the selections are fantastic.

CarolAnne - camdesign said...

Love it all

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fantastic! More, more, more please!